what is high mileage for a motorcycle

   what is high mileage for a motorcycle? – If you are about to purchase a second-handed or fairly used bike, then the question of what is high mileage for a motorcycle? will obviously be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to factors to consider.

    While in the market, you`ve obviously seen 18,000 miles bike that is relatively new and in perfect condition but you still wonder whether they are in reasonable mileage and them how much you should spend on them with that given mileage. Clearly, everything being equal, you will reasonably pay more for a 4,000 miles bike over a motorcycle that has over 20,000 miles.

  So what is actually considered high mileage for a motorcycle? The truth is, it depends. A bike engine with 40,000 to 50,000 miles is viewed as a high mileage bike in some circles. But if this particular bike in question has complete maintenance records and no evidence of physical damage, and the engine has no oil leaks, then you are good to go on this one.

     We have heard of a bike rider who owns a 20-year-old honda Goldwing with well over 277,00 miles on it and it still runs strong. What is more? He still puts over 6,000 miles on it every year. The key to longevity in motorcycle-like every other engine -maintenance. Changing the oil every 3,000 miles and regular service will keep your bike going for a long time.

   If what you want to buy is a sports bike, then 25,000 miles is already considered high mileage because sports bikes usually have high revving engines. Worse yet, they re typically driven aggressively by their owners. What we are looking at right now is less about the bike and more about how the bike has been ridden.

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 Similarly, a bike that is designed for touring for half or throughout the year may have a much longer life expectancy than a bike that is made for off-roading.  This is so because manufacturers design touring bikes with more quality material and for riders who are willing to shell out a little more dough for their rigs.

 Also, touring bikes are usually designed with low revving engines which provide adequate power through sheer displacement. This means that the bike engine has to work to perform its task. On the other hand, dirt bikes need to work hard in a short burst, which provides for small displacement and maks the engine exert maximum power in a short period of time.

   For this reason, sports bikes usually have a shorter life expectancy compared to cruisers, choppers, and touring bikes. As a buyer, don’t be surprised if you buy a sports bike only to find out you`ll need an engine rebuild at 25,000 miles( Although it doesn’t always happen).

  Before purchasing any motorcycle, please note that water-cooled engines tend to last longer than air-cooled engines because they run cooler and that makes a difference in longevity.

 On a lighter note, the motorcycle service records, owner’s habit, and history are more important than the actual mileage. 

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