WEIHE Bike Locks Heavy Duty Anti Theft, Intelligent Alarm Lock 110 decibels,Bike Chain Lock Bike Lock Cable, Suitable for Motorcycles、Bicycles.

Price: $35.98
(as of Aug 28,2021 22:51:03 UTC – Details)

The material is firm and the structure is precise.
Thestructure is precise to prevent technical openings. The sturdy alloy lock body,10mm thick lock beam and sturdy chain constitute a heavy-duty anti-theftstructure, Which is resistant to cutting, Breaking and shearing, Giving youmore peace of mind.
Intelligent alarm, Double protection.
Thissmart padlock has an alarm function. In the alarm mode, The first time you feelthe vibration will remain silent, But if the same feeling is detected againafter 5 seconds, The 110db alarm clock will sound.
1.Alarm clock mode: Rotate the lock beam 180° and press it, And turn on the alarmclock mode when you hear a beep. In this mode, if an external force touches thelock body, The lock will emit a harsh alarm sound.
2.Normal mode: Reverse the lock beam 180° and press it again, And there is no”di” prompt, And the normal mode is turned on. No alarm sound in thismode
3*Buttonbattery 1 group
4*1set of chain
Itemtype: Alarm chain lock
Lockbody material: Aluminum alloy
Quantity:1 set
Dueto manual measurement, Please allow an error of 0-1 inch, Hope you understand.The monitor is not calibrated, And the color of the item shown in the photo maybe slightly different from the actual product. Please refer to the actualproduct.
✔ Sturdy alloy lock body,10mm thick lock beam and sturdy chain constitute a heavy-duty anti-theft structure, Which is resistant to cutting, Breaking and shearing, Allowing you to be more assured and protect your wealth.
✔Intelligent alarm function: This alarm lock has a built-in siren that can trigger an alarm. When struck or shaken, It can make a loud noise of up to 110 decibels, Which can deter thieves and prevent theft.
✔The anti-theft lock can be set to two states: alarm mode and normal mode. Higher sensitivity and low false alarm rate. Low power consumption.
✔Compact structure design, Corrosion-resistant and waterproof. It has a longer service life than other locks. Is your economical choice.
✔Suitable for most motorcycles, Bicycles, tricycles, Containers, Garden doors, Sliding doors, Windows, Etc.

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