VOVCIG Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder-Motorcycle Adjustable Mountain Bike Mobile Phone Holder, Suitable for 3-6.8 Inch Mobile Phone.

Price: $15.69
(as of Aug 27,2021 01:29:13 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Bicycle mobile phone holder

Aluminum alloy mobile phone holder Three-jaw grappling hook, which is stable, does not block the keys, and does not damage the phone


This bicycle mobile phone holder can solve the functions that ordinary mobile phone holders cannot do. It is easy to install, locks and anti-shake buttons/holes, so that you can listen to songs on the road, and has a three-claw design that is more stable.

Solve common problems with common brackets

The screen of the mobile phone is broken, the plastic bracket is fragile, and it cannot be rotated to cause poor vision and dangerous for one-handed operation. This tripod bracket can easily solve the problems faced by ordinary brackets.

Take care of your phone

The cushioning patch does not damage the phone and prevents direct contact between the surface of the phone and the bracket metal, which not only protects the phone but also enhances the cushioning ability of the bracket, stabilizes the phone, and is not easy to fall

Humanized design

Non-blocking buttons, headphone jack

Without blocking the camera, shooting along the way, recording the bits and pieces of riding, without blocking the earphone jack, riding and listening to songs

Make it simple

The position of the triangular eagle hook is adjusted according to the size of the mobile phone through the screw-type knob, and the mobile phone is easier to remove and install without choosing the model.

Suitable for a variety of models: suitable for motorcycles, bicycles, electric vehicles, scooters and other handlebars with a diameter of 0.87-1.25 inches, also comes with a gasket, suitable for various models, heightened the base, and extended the practicality of the bracket Performance, only for oval tube installation
Stable and safe: Designed by the principle of three-grab mechanics, the safety performance is greatly improved, and the lock is stable and can’t be thrown away.
High-quality materials; choose aluminum alloy material and anodize, the strength and corrosion resistance are greatly improved, it is not easy to rust, and it is durable. It is also equipped with a cushioning patch that does not damage the phone.
Simple installation: adjust the position of the triangle hook according to the size of the phone through the screw-type button, without picking the model, the phone is removed, and the installation becomes easier. At the same time, it is also equipped with a hexagonal installation tool to make your installation more convenient

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