Ultra1Plus SAE 10W-40 Full Synthetic 4T Engine Oil, API SN, JASO MA2

Price: $39.99
(as of Feb 24,2021 04:38:09 UTC – Details)

Ultra1Plus SAE 10W-40 Full Synthetic 4T Engine Oil, API SN, JASO MA2 is full synthetic, super high-performance, multi-grade lubricants for use in high-RPM, 4-stroke motorcycle engines with integral gear boxes and wet clutches as well as for use in any application requiring a four-stroke engine oil meeting the requirements of JASO MA2, JASO MA or API SN.

Blended with 100% synthetic base-stocks and premium performance additives, Ultra1Plus Full Synthetic Engine Oils 4T (Four-Stroke) provide excellent protection during rapid RPM increase. Specialty friction modifiers provide for smooth clutch and gear shift operation while specialty anti-oxidants and sophisticated dispersant technology provide enhanced cleanliness.

Ultra1Plus Full Synthetic Engine Oils 4T (Four-Stroke) are highly shear stable therefore eliminating viscosity breakdown. These products are full synthetic multi-grade engine oils suitable for use in all seasons

✅ Proven formula and high oxidation stability offers good engine/transmission keep-clean performance throughout full oil drain intervals.
✅ Anti-wear additive system helps reduce wear in highly stressed engine and gearbox components under severe operating conditions.
✅ Designed for engine deposit control and optimum power release, with frictional and stability characteristic for smooth clutch operation.
✅ Formulated to minimize oil thinning particularly in gearboxes, offering high stress protection at start-up and high temperature operation.

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