TRAVERSE 7/8″ Handlebars 4 Pcs, Cold-Forged Cross Bar Off-Road Motorcycle Handlebars Tubes with Foam Pad and Rubber Grips for Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda & Kawasaki, Atv Race Bar (Titanium Grey)

Price: $35.99
(as of Sep 30,2021 14:10:38 UTC – Details)

TRAVERSE 7/8 Handlebar
Developed in cooperation with professional racing teams
We worked with the factory racing team to develop a concept to improve performance by reducing weight without affecting the strength of the existing handlebars. Every time you accelerate, brake, turn or jump, you are struggling with the weight of the motorcycle. By reducing the weight, it can improve the motorcycle’s performance in all these aspects, thereby shortening the lap time. You Don’t Even Want to Let Go
The 7/8″ handlebars use sturdy support bars and integrated foam pads. For many riders, especially those who are accustomed to using cross supports, this is the favorite design; the support helps increase stiffness while providing comfort Bend. Only Professional Technology Can Make a Professional Handlebar
Made by sandblasting and anodizing technology, gorgeous anodized surface and incredible light, this bar has no dents of control lines
ARGON-ARC professional welding technology. It can ensure that the handle will not break or even bend greatly during riding, which greatly guarantees the safety of the rider.
The knurled control on the grip end increases the combination of the pull rod and the grip, and the handle at the throttle position adopts a softer design, which can improve the feeling and sensitivity of riding.
Very easy to install What an Impressive High-Precision Size:
Using 6061-T6 aluminum, with perfect toughness and hardness
Clamping area: 7/8″ (22.225mm)
Grip area: 7/8″ (22.225mm)
Handlebar crossbar: 13″
Width: 31.1″
Reinforcing rib: 12.6″
Rise: 2.9″
Height: 4.9″
Middle crossbar: 9″ Artistic packaging, you can buy again:
The specially customized carton includes handlebars, handlebar rails, a pair of handles
Does not include installation instructions

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Suitable for Most Off-Road Motorcycle Brands:

REDUCE VIBRATION and FATIGUE – TRAVERSE motorcycle handlebars are made of 6061-T6 aluminum that has been specially formulated to increase the ultimate tensile strength by 20%. It can disperse the vibration feedback from the ground during riding, while maintaining the intensity of the harsh requirements of off-road motorcycles and super off-road racing.
LIGHTWEIGHT & EXTREMELY DURABLE – TRAVERSE 7/8″ handlebar has been accurately calculated to reduce the weight by 16%. It can improve the performance of the motorcycle in all areas; the anodized surface and incredible light can extend the fatigue life of the rod And durability.
THE FAVORITE DESIGN of EXCELLENT RIDERS – the 7/8″ handlebar uses a solid support bar and an integrated foam bar pad. For many riders, especially those who are accustomed to using cross bracing, this is the favorite design; The brace helps increase stiffness while providing comfortable bending.
LEADING ACCURACY LEVEL – TRAVERSE dirt bike handlebars have undergone 15 precision machining processes, standard 7/8 inch / 22.225 mm; width: 31.1 inch; height: 4.9 inch; elevation: 2.9 inch. Extremely strict tolerances can provide perfect bending Enhance the overall performance.
THE PERFECT SET – TRAVERSE handlebars 4 piece includes 7/8″ off-road Handlebar + handlebar bar + cushion and a pair of high-grade rubber handles. The knurled design on the left side of the handlebar and the thickened handle can prevent slippage; the handle at the throttle position is designed with a softer design, which can improve the riding feel and sensitivity.

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