Top Notch Parts Universal Motorcyle Cruise Control for 7/8″ Handlebar Throttle Grip Holder Motorcycle Cruise Assist Hand Rest Control Grips ABS Accessories

Price: $9.95
(as of Feb 23,2021 01:29:44 UTC – Details)

1. Operate the accelerator with a relaxed hand Reduce hand load during long-distance riding 2. Convenient control, flexible and reliable use 3. Make the palm and wrist more comfortable and not slippery 4. Make throttle control easier Especially when wearing thick gloves 5. Prevent the throttle from sliding due to finger fatigue Installation is simple, just open the throttle lever and insert it 6. Will not lock the throttle The throttle can be easily reset when you relax 7. Reduce muscle load and strain No problem even if you ride for hours Product description: Effect is to reduce hand fatigue during long journeys. You can quickly and easily mount any throttle on a motorcycle. Installation is simple, reliable, help from the outside open booster, and then installation can be undertaken. After installation to adjust the angle. Easy to control, the use of flexible, long-distance driving only need to hold the handlebar without clenching.

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