Suteck Oil Change Pump Extractor DC 12V 60W Motor Oil Diesel Quick Extract Transfer Scavenge Suction Pump For Car Boat Motorbike Truck RV ATV and Other Vehicles

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1. Before starting to change motor oil drive the motor until the oil has a temperature of approx. 40℃~50℃,100℉~125℉. Less temperature will reduce the flow rate due to the high viscosity of the oil is too hot the sealings of the pump might be disturbed.

2. Shut down the engine after having reached sufficient temperature.

3. Push the hose with the suction probe onto the pump socket and push the drain hose onto the drain socket, fasten both by using hose- clamps in or under to avoid the hoses coming loose due to the oil pressure.

4. Unwind the suction probe and straighten it properly before inserting through the dipstick-tube into the engine. Otherwise the pump will draw no or not enough oil.

5. Insert the suction-probe into the oil dipstick-tube and push it gently down to the lowest position of the oil pan.

6. Please use suitable container to collect the old oil and lead the drain hose into this container.

7. Connect the oil-extractor to the 12V car battery. Make sure that the clamps are connected with the correct poles of the battery (red clamps to “plus”, black clamp to “minus”)

8. Switch the pump on and pump the oil out of the engine.

9. As soon as no further oil is pumped, switch off the pump. Do not let the pump run without oil.

10. Fill the engine with fresh motor oil according to the maintenance instruction for your car and check the oil level with the oil dipstick.

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11. After finishing your work clean the pump thoroughly by pumping some fresh oil.

12. Remove the hoses form the pump, plug them together and store the whole unit in a place where it is protected against dust.

【Quick Oil Change Pump】The oil pump extractor is an ideal device for quick and clean oil changes. The marine oil pump works by connecting the clip to 12V car battery. You can quickly complete the oil change. Note: The oil transfer pump is only used for motor oil, diesel or heating oil, and cannot be used to change other liquids
【Easy To Use】The red clip is connected to the car battery “+”, the black clip is connected to the car battery “-“, tighten the hose clamp to ensure the tightness. Oil change speed: diesel: 2L/min, motor oil 0.3L/min. Note: Keep the oil temperature at 40~50 degrees Celsius, you can turn on the engine for about 18 minutes before use
【Suitable For Specified Liquid】The oil pumping process is very simple, and the automotive oil extractor is only suitable for motor oil, diesel or heating oil. The oil exchange pump is not suitable for extraction: water (the pump is not lubricated), transmission oil (too viscous), flammable liquids (fuel, gasoline, etc.)
【Multiple Uses】Professional oil suction pump can change motor oil and diesel for ships, cars, motorcycles, trucks, RV, ATV and other vehicles (such as generators, lawn mowers, tractors, etc.). Please read carefully and follow the user manual, Please properly dispose of the waste motor oil and diesel to avoid pollution
【Quality Assurance】Use the motor oil extractor to complete the work quickly. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact us at any time, we will provide the best customer service.

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