Slanguage Indoor Motorcycle Cover Velvet Stretch Elastic Covers for Motorbikes, 116 x 43 x 55 inches Red

Price: $41.99
(as of Nov 23,2020 02:12:41 UTC – Details)

Protection: The elastic motorcycle cover is suitable for indoor places such as underground garages or auto shows. It can effectively prevent sand, dust, paint surface fades. It can make your motorcycle bright and clean like the new one without cleaning the car for a long time.
Elasticity: Sewn with high-elastic polyester cloth, the fabric has good elasticity. It can be completely restored though the elongation is 15%-20%. The size of the motor’s cover can be adjusted in elastic range.
Wrinkle Resistance: The elastic cover is made of velvet stretch cloth material and has a strong elasticity, which can perfectly shows the shape of the motorcycle’s body. Wrinkle resistance is superior to other fibers, not easy to wrinkle, dimensional stability, and good wrapping effect.
Security Hooks: Equipped with reinforced security hook that has a good fixing effect. The elastic hem surrounds the bottom of the car cover to protect your cover from being blown off.
Note: The stretch fabric is NOT WATERPROOF due to its flexibility and elasticity. Do not use on rainy days. Velvet stretch fabric has not velvet, velvet is just a scientific name, representing the high elasticity and softness of the fabric.

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