Seamless Bandana Buff Face Mask – Multipurpose Lightweight Style and Protection

Price: $9.90
(as of Jan 07,2021 06:05:36 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Seamless Bandanas Designed for Fitness, Warm Comfort, and Outdoor Adventures. Do you love going to raves, hiking up dusty mountains, attending crowded outdoor music festivals, riding your motorcycle, or getting a little wild at evening beach parties? If so, you need a multipurpose Plur Vision Seamless Bandana, a stretchable, breathable neck cover and face mask with colorful designs that helps minimize dust or debris from flying into your face so you can enjoy the outdoors without the mess.

Bright, Vibrant Coloration Choose from a variety of exclusive designs, including our own take on the Cheshire Cat, and a two-sided “Galaxy Cat”

Stretchy Breathability Crafted with a lightweight, ultra-soft polyester, our seamless bandanas are gentle on sensitive skin, wick away sweat and perspiration, and let you breathe comfortably should you pull it over your mouth and nose while you’re hiking, motorcycle riding or running outdoors.

Cheshire Cat

Crazy Daisy

Righteous Raccoon

Galaxy Cat

Wear a grin with the Cheshire Cat, or snack on some tourists with the Tyrannosaurus WREX!

Bandana Details

Fits most! Each super soft bandana is approximately 10″ wide and 19″ tall when flat. Designs are versatile and unisex!

Exclusive Designs

Seamless Bandana Face Mask

Ultra-Soft Polyester Fabric

Breathable, Stretchable Comfort

Unisex (Men and Women)

Machine Washable

New styles are always being created with you in mind!

Seamless “Infinity” Wear – Each bandana mask is one solid piece which improves comfort, flexibility and long-lasting durability so it doesn’t stretch or lose shape.
Unique, Stylish Design – These seamless bandana headbands feature all original artwork in vibrant colors.
Flexible, Breathable, Unisex – Designed as men’s and women’s seamless headbands, these bandana masks are crafted with ultra-soft polyester that conforms to you.
Guaranteed Satisfaction – Plur Vision face mask bandanas are backed by superior comfort and quality, with customer service and reliability you can trust.

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