Safe way on how to push-start a motorcycle

How to push start a motorcycle

Any rider to be respected must learn how to push start a motorcycle, that’s a fact! Why? Because let’s face it! It doesn’t matter how careful and prepared you’re, if you’re on the road too much, your battery will eventually die. And when it happens you may be with someone that knows and help you, but you might also be alone and you can’t just leave your baby there!

That’s why we bring you some easy steps to push-start your motorcycle, that may save your soul one of these days when you’re out there on your own. But first, let’s see some pre-checks you must do if your bike won’t start.

Before you push-start

This may sound stupid but it’s quite common that people try to push-start their bikes a few times before realizing that’s not why it doesn’t start. So, before trying this, you may want to check:

  • Your gas tank isn’t empty.
  • If it applies to your bike, check the petcock is “on”.
  • Check your kill switch is in the right position.
  • Check the kickstand is not down.
  • Take a look at your gear if it’s in neutral

If everything is right, and you left your lights on, or you own an already old battery, then push-start is the only solution left. So, the first thing you need to consider is whether you’re accompanied or alone. 

Let’s start with the solo mode:

  1. Turn the ignition and the kill switch on
  2. No matter what you read out there, ALWAYS engage second gear (seriously, don’t use 1st gear!)
  3. Instead of pushing your bike on flat ground, be smart and find a smooth hill you can use and that won’t get you killed.
  4. Get on the left side of the bike to start pushing gently and let gravity do its job.
  5. Once you get on the right speed comes the hard part, BE BRAVE! And then jump on top of your bike swiftly.
  6. As soon as you get on that seat you’ll release the clutch and hit the gas. If you did it right, you’ll hear the engine coming back from hell!
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But this is the hard way; if you’ve got some friends by your side, the steps are quite simpler and you’ll be riding like a king with the multiplayer mode:

  1. Just like in the solo mode, make sure your kill switch and ignition are on.
  2. The next step, you know that too: SECOND gear.
  3. Now it’s when it gets fun for you. In this method, you’ll also need to get some speed, but as your friends are there to help you, you’ll just need to get seated on your bike pulling the clutch and get your buddies to push you as fast as they can.
  4. You’ll get to speed quickly so get ready to release the clutch and hit the gas. Don’t let your baby get sleepy again!

Whether you used the solo method or your buddies helped you, you’ll need to feed it for a bit so the engine warms up, so you may prefer to hit the brake and simply rev the engine to middle-speed.

After you do this, then it’s time to ride and re-charge that battery! But make sure you check everything is fine with the battery and the bike in general. Now that you know how to push-start a motorcycle, you are ready to conquer the road! 

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