Rydewear Beanie Half Shell Helmet Black Metal Strongest Motorcycle Helmet Quick Release Helmets Chin Strap Buckle

Price: $17.95
(as of Sep 16,2020 06:50:59 UTC – Details)

Meets and exceeds DOT / Snell chin strap requirements FMVSS 218 . Please make sure this style will work for you because we the same item with other size cut outs depending on how much space you have in th fabric loop holding your D-rings
This is the Beanie Style for most all half and beanie style helmets please make sure you can fit at least four pencils in the fabric loop holding your D-RINGS on cause this is where the cut out fits on to your helmet for this style
Once you simply attach and adjust it once only this Quick Release its just simple push button on/off for life even with gloves on
The strap de flapping button on end of your strap will have to just pop it off with screw driver – it is no longer needed with this quick release as it comes with a slide that stops your strap from slapping. Simply hooks on to your D-Ring Fabric loop that holds the D-rings make sure you can fit four plus pencils through the fabric loop that holds your two D-rings on- if you can fit one minumum TO 4 max just seach our larger cut out RydeWear quick release.
If you can’t even fit one pencil in the fabric loop then search our XL Rydewear style

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