Rechargeable YTX16-BS Battery – High Performance Power Sports – Maintenance Free – Replaces GT16-BS, PTX16-BS, MTX16-BS

Price: $57.99
(as of Apr 09,2021 04:44:20 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Don’t worry! We strive to put your mind at ease!

Our batteries have gone through exhaustive testing to ensure they can handle any situation easily.

External Durability

Internal Quality

Total Reliability

Optimal Performance

Heavy Duty

Vibration Resistant

Factory Acitvated

User Friendly

YTX16-BS Battery Specifications:

Also Replaces: MTX16-BS, UTX16-BS, M32X6S, YTX16-BS, GT16-BS, PTX16-BS

YTX16-BS sealed AGM batteries by Chrome Battery are constructed with lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat technology that allows for a completely maintenance-free and high-performance operation.

Dimensions: (H) 6.34″ x (L) 5.94″ x (W) 3.43″

Weight: 9.82 pounds

CCA: 230

Volts: 12

Watts: 168

Polarity: [+ -]

Terminal Type: Nut & Bolt (T3)

Condition: New

Power sport Battery: YTX16-BS battery is durable, vibration resistant, and performance ready to handle even the roughest rides. This battery is (H) 6. 34″ x (L) 5. 94″ x (W) 3. 43″ in, 9. 82 lbs. , and has 230 CCA
Factory Sealed: A non-spill able rechargeable battery constructed with absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology and permanently factory sealed enabling it to be mounted in any position leak free along with allowing it to be repeatedly charged and discharged without affecting performance
Easy Application: Chrome Battery batteries come fully charged and ready to go once delivered. Simply connect your battery to the application and you are ready to go
Warranty: 18 month manufacturer warranty – 30 day refund window
Replaces: MTX16-BS, UTX16-BS, M32X6S, GT16-BS, PTX16-BS
fit type: Vehicle Specific

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