Premium Weather Resistant Covers Waterproof Polyester w/Soft Screen & Heat Resistant Shields.Motorcycle Cover has Lockable fabric, Durable & Long Lasting.Sportbikes & Cruisers (Large, Hunter Green)

Price: $47.99
(as of Aug 06,2020 23:21:32 UTC – Details)

Product Description

She’s your baby! Your one and only. She goes with you on every summer adventure along the highways and trails. So why leave her to the side of the driveway without a proper coat to keep her safe and dry all winter? She deserves so much better!

Overall Protection

Whether you leave your bike parked overnight or for longer periods of time, the elements can quickly take their toll, compromising the parts and your exterior, leaving you on the sidelines with a dull, scratched, and worn-looking finish. But with Nuzari Motorcycle covers, you’re protected against UV rays, rain, dust, wind and most of the other environmental dangers and pollutants.

These covers come with built-in air vents that allow the moisture to evaporate, preventing the formation of mildew and rust while letting your bike dry even more quickly. Also, the air vents allow air to pass through which will prevent the balloon effect that normally knocks down motorcycles during high winds.

Dry and Comfy

Even if it rains all day and night, with this Waterproof Motorcycle Cover, you can sleep with ease at night knowing that your bike is completely dry.

Nuzari’s perfectly designed fabric provides a tough layer of protection against everything from dust and water to other threats that could easily scratch or ruin your finish. This motorcycle cover provides the perfect fit and also has a reinforced elastic hem that provides a clean, custom-fit look that won’t easily blow.

It also has Luggage Strap that adds extra security during strong winds. The luggage strap is also adjustable to accommodate large motorcycles, as well.

Out of sight, out of mind!

Nuzari offers not just a motorcycle cover but also “peace of mind”. One of the very important features of this cover is the Lock Holes. It prevents your baby from drawing the attention of thieves to your nice, shiny bike. Thieves always go for specific targets. If a thief really wants to know what’s under there, he’ll have to approach the bike, possibly setting off alarms and exposing himself to surveillance cameras. Plus, if they plan on riding away on your bike, the time it takes to remove the lock and the cover will increase their risk of being caught.

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This cover will definitely steal the show!

Be seen!

Don’t have a garage? Afraid that a car may run over your bike when you park it outside? Problem solved. Nuzari’s motorcycle covers have a reflective strip on the front and sides that give increased visibility for parking cars. It reflects light from 1/2 mile distance to approaching traffic that will prevent your bike from knocks and bruises.

The Heat is on!

More than just a cover, Nuzari Motorcycle Cover is designed for the unique construction of your bike. It has an interior heat shield that protects the cover from melting or scorching when it comes into contact with the engine or hot pipes after extended use. Your motorcycle cover has a HEAT RATING OF 150 DEGREES. How cool is that?

This cover provides long-lasting durability, keeping you in the game and off the sidelines!

SIZING CHART MEDIUM – (SPORTSBIKE) Fits lengths up to 90 inches long (Tire to Tire) and 50 inches high (Ground to Top of Windscreen) LARGE – (SPORT TOURING) Fits lengths up to 97 inches long (Tire to Tire) and 57 inches high (Ground to Top of Windscreen) XL – (LARGE COURIERS / TOURING) Fits lengths up to 104 inches long (Tire to Tire) and 56 inches high (Ground to Top of Windscreen) XXL – (HONDA GOLDWING / HARLEY DAVIDSON TOURING) Fits up to 108in and 60in high (Ground to Top of Windscreen)
REFLECTIVE STRIPS covers more visibility for parking cars to prevent bumping of motorcycle covers outdoor storage. INNOVATIVE motorcycle cover design icon on sprocket side of the motorcycle winter cover, so you never have to guess whether it was installed properly to cover bike. SOFT COTTON WINDSCREEN PROTECTOR – prevents scratching the windshield during installation.
HEAVY DUTY ELASTIC BOTTOM and LUGGAGE STRAP, cover to motorcycle, for an extremely snug fit to ensure your waterproof motorcycle cover remains covered during high winds. INTERIOR HEAT SHIELD – prevents burning and melting of cover due to HOT PIPES. Your motorcycle cover has a HEAT RATING OF 150 DEGREES.
LOCKABLE motorcycle covers has DURABLY SEWN CUTOUTS for chains, wire and cable locks to pass thru freely, protecting your HARLEY, SUZUKI, YAMAHA, DUCATI, BMW, KAWASAKI, HONDA Motorcycle cover. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your cover motorcycle outdoor is safe and secure.
BREATHABLE MOTORCYCLE COVER waterproof air vents allows air to pass through preventing tip over from high winds. NUZARI’S product is an excellent fit for Motorcycle cover Harley Davidson and Cover for Motorcycle Harley

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