Olkheniif Jack Farm Accessories kit Includes Gear Base & Handle Keeper, Tire Lifter, Jack mounting Hood Hinge Brackets kit (Integrated Type, Yellow)…

Price: $109.99
(as of Aug 14,2021 15:09:26 UTC – Details)

Product Description

JACK FARM ACCESSORIES KITS: Olkheniif Jack Farm accessories includes Jack Mounting Hood Hinge Brackets, Jack Base and handle keeper, and Tire lifter. Olkheniif Kits can fully meet your needs.
UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Compatible with stock and most aftermarket rear bumpers.Bracket is sturdy and secures the jack in two locations to eliminate any vibration noise during vehicle operation. Durable textured finish looks great. Fits most off-road style jacks including Hi-Lift.
JACK BASE AND HANDLE KEEPER: Made of ABS synthetic material and the handle is durable.Olkheniif Jack base and handle keeper can be used on soft ground like sand, mud, grass, etc. Give your jack better footing and greater stability during the lifting.
INTEGRATED TIRE LIFTER: Olkheniif tire lifter can allows any Hi-Lift jack to lift a wheel or vehicle directly from the wheel and can allow 5, 000 lb. lift capacity.
JACK MOUNTING HOOD HINGE BRACKETS: Olkheniif Jack Mounting Hood Hinge Brackets are made of high quality steel, can be installed to hood hinge and rear door hinge.Powder coated surface, provide you with a lifetime of resistance against wear.

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