OKG New Vision Bike Lock Motorcycle Lock Heavy Duty Anti Theft Moped Lock with 12mm Chain and 16mm Disc Lock Noose Security Chain Lock for Bicycle, Mopeds, Scooters and Motorcycles

Price: $108.99
(as of Nov 12,2020 15:31:27 UTC – Details)

🚲︎ 12mm hexagonal chain links made of advanced triple heat-treated boron MANGANESE ANTI-RUST STEEL for extreme strength, Narrower inner width of individual links prevents bolt cutters, bolt croppers and leverage attacks.
🏍︎ Reinforced, anti-rust, shrouded lock shell and 16mm hardened MAX-Performance steel SHACKLE with HARDENED double deadbolt locking mechanism provides ultimate protection against hand tools, bolt cutters, saw, leverage and bolt croppers attack. High security STAINLESS STEEL disc-style cylinder with reinforced anti-drill, anti-saw and anti-pull protection system.
🛵 CINCH LOOP CIRCLE LINK for effective lock-ups design extends the chain FLEXIBILITY that enables user to connect his/her vehicle to another vehicle or to an object which is connected with “the fixed world” (such as anchorage element, tree, fence, lamppost), and which means less bulk to carry.
🛴 Durable, weather-resistant, highly flexible embroidered sleeve with hook-n-loop fastener allows compact coiling and protects bike, motorcycle surface. SLIDING DUST-COVER to protect from dirt, debris, corrosion and extends cylinder life.
🚴‍♀ 2 BRASS STEEL “I” user-friendly reversible KEYS with better ergonomics design; we will ship your additional 1 new key for FREE GLOABLLY in case you lose your original 2 keys. Please DO NOT HESITATE to contact us if you require further information.

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