NNA Motorcycle Mover Dolly Cruiser Side Stand Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly Trailer Stand Motorcycle Center Stand Mover Dolly Stainless Steel Cruiser Park Wheel Castor Heavy Duty for Motorbike

Price: $39.99
(as of Oct 14,2021 21:45:48 UTC – Details)

Product Name: starter for electric vehicle
Material: thickened steel, wear-resistant rubber wheel
Color: wheel color matching random delivery
Application: motorcycle, electric car, tricycle
Specification: tire within 100m width
Features: convenient, safe and practical
Five wheel design, wear resistance, compression resistance, flexible control of direction, five wheel power to turn easily
Small storage, easy to carry, easy to carry and foldable to carry with the car
The wheel has a flat tire. I can still use the front wheel and the rear wheel

Tire burst aid device of open version of heavy steel wear-resistant pulley: emergency self-help and labor-saving trailer to protect tire
For every rider riding, there will always be a flat tire, flat tire, sweating, pushing the car around to find a repair point
Thickened steel material, good load-bearing, suitable for motorcycles, electric vehicles, tricycles, etc
Wear resistant and anti-skid rubber wheel can adapt to different environments, and can easily cope with different environments
The front wheel can be used slowly in case of better road conditions. Remember to drive carefully,When using the rear wheel, you can’t drive the motorcycle when using the rear wheel. To avoid accidents, please push the cart to the maintenance point

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