Motorcycle Protective Jacket Full Body Armor, Spine Chest Protection Gear with Knee Pads for Sport Motocross MTB Racing

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Product Description

Are you still worrying about injuries to body parts caused by falls in outdoor sports?

Then this motorcycle full-body armor protection jacket will relieve you of all your worries. This motorcycle armor protection jacket can protect the vulnerable parts of the body for outdoor dangerous sports such as motorcycle riding, mountain biking, skating, skateboarding, ATV, MTB racing.

Your safety is our top priority

Motorcycle armored riding jackets can provide protection for many important parts of the body. The chest, backspine, shoulders, elbows, and knees are the key protection parts of this product. You can enjoy driving with confidence, just leave it to this armor jacket for safety.

Back spine protection

Chest protection

Knee protection

Shoulder&Elbow protection

Armored jacket with strict screening materials

The motorcycle riding armor protection jacket is very particular about the materials used. It uses high-quality impact-resistant PE hard shell, strong impact-absorbing EVA, breathable elastic mesh cloth, and super-adhesive adjustable Velcro. In terms of comfort, ergonomic design is used in many places. This set of armor comes with knee pads and does not need to be purchased separately, which is equivalent to getting a set of armor and a set of free high-quality knee pads for the same amount.

High-quality materials

Impact resistant armor

Breathable and not stuffy

Comfortable to wear

Free knee pads

Fits the body

With this protective jacket, you can meet your relatives and friends for a unique driving activity and enjoy driving pleasure.

Detachable back armor

The back armor adopts a detachable design, which can be used with other types of jackets.

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Waist EVA protection

The waist is made of 0.6-inch thick EVA material, which is more comfortable and safer.

Breathable mesh cloth

The inner is made of elastic mesh cloth, which is breathable and not stuffy when riding.

Adjustable Knee Gear

Knee and calf protectors can ensure that injuries are reduced in the event of an accidental fall.

















Use occasion

Motocross, Motorcycle, Atv, Cycling, Skating, Skateboarding

Motocross, Motorcycle, Atv, Cycling, Skating, Skateboarding

Motocross, Motorcycle, Atv, Cycling, Skating, Skateboarding

Motocross, Motorcycle, Atv, Cycling, Skating, Skateboarding

Motocross, Motorcycle, Atv, Cycling, Skating, Skateboarding

The motorcycle protective armor is in Asian sizes, so the size is too small.We suggest you upgrade 1-2 sizes to buy to ensure a good fit.


L=US-S for height is 165-170cm(5.0 feet to 5.3 feet) . (Approx. Size) Chest 34.6″-37″, Waist 31.5″-33″. Length 19.7″-23.1″ XL=US-M for height is 170-175cm(5.3 feet to 5.7 feet) . (Approx. Size) Chest 37″-39.4″, Waist 33″-34.6″. Length 20.5″-24.4″ 2XL=US-L for height is 175-180cm(5.7 feet to 6 feet) . (Approx. Size) Chest 39.4″-41.7″, Waist 34.6″-37″. Length 21.3″-25.2″ 3XL=US-XL for height is 180-195cm(6 feet to 6.4 feet) . (Approx. Size) Chest 41.7″-44.1″, Waist 37″-39.4″. Length 22.1″-25.9″

COLOR: Red, Black


Motorcycle Body Armor Protective Jacket X 1 Motorcycle Knee Armor Protective Pads X 2

【EFFECTIVELY PREVENT IMPACT】The combination of impact-resistant PE plastic and EVA foam material provides protection, and the backspine, chest, shoulders, elbows, and forearms are equipped with impact-resistant reinforced hard shell pads.
【LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE】The outer armor (chest protector, back protector, elbow protector, shoulder protector, chest and waist EVA) are all attached to a stretchable Lycramesh shirt, which has the advantages of light weight, breathability, and comfortable wearing.
【PERFECTLY FITS THE BODY】 The neckline is made of elastic material for easy wearing, the chest is closed with a zipper, and the arms, shoulders, and waist are equipped with adjustment straps. The abdomen adopts a large area of Velcro, with a wide adjustment range. The backspine protection armor module can be independently removed.
【KNEES & LEGS PROTECTION】This motorcycle full body protective armor comes with knee pads, so you don’t need to buy extra. The knee pad adopts a three-section design to make movement more flexible, and the combination of PE and EVA materials has the advantages of wear resistance, collision resistance, and fall-off resistance.
【FRIENDLY REMINDER】ASIAN-L=US-S for height is 5.0-5.3feet, (Approx. Size) Chest 34.6″-37″, Waist 31.5″-33″, Length 19.7″-23.1″. The measurement error is 0.4″-1.2″. The size is too small, it is recommended that upgrade 1-2 sizes to ensure a fit.

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