Michelin Pilot Road 2 Sport Touring Motorcycle Rear Tires Radial Sport Bike Road II 180/55-17 (180/55ZR17 Rear)

Price: $129.99
(as of Aug 09,2020 23:57:30 UTC – Details)

If you like to take it easy and cruise the open road but still enjoy pushing your bike’s limits every now and then, the Pilot Road 2 from Michelin may be the tire for you. The Road 2 is a dual-compound tire that has a very quick warm-up time, allowing you to get max performance out of your tire quicker. The dual-compound technology optimizes traction and braking capabilities. A soft rubber compound on the edge of the Road 2 offers exceptional grip on wet surfaces while the stronger and harder rubber compound in the center of the tire offers extended longevity. If your sport-touring bike needs a new set of skins, take a look at the Michelin Pilot Road 2!

Dual-compound Technology offers extended tire life and excellent grip.
Extremely quick warm-up time.
Enhanced wet weather traction and braking capabilities.
Soft edges on tire allow for increased stability while cornering.
Choose from single front/rear tires or front and rear tire combos above!

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