Metzeler Sportec M9 RR Rear Tire (190/50ZR-17)

Price: $262.99 - $212.99
(as of May 24,2021 02:38:49 UTC – Details)

Mid-lean grooves maximize the grip to deliver flawless feedback when cornering. The slick shoulders further enhance your riding confidence when at full lean.Maximum performance throughout the entire tire lifespan:Perfected thermal balance – Full silica pr

Ride the Unexpected.The Supersport tire for your daily leans, enhancing the pleasure of riding without worrying about the unexpected, be that changing tarmac or weather conditions.Outstanding handling:Strong structure – METZELER SPORTEC™ M9 RR innov
The speed of warm up, allows you to confidently enjoy your first corner.Supersport tread design optimized for water drainage – The sharp central contact patch efficiently moves standing water into the adjacent longitudinal grooves.
The grooves deliver outstanding stability, by draining more water as speeds increase and as the weather worsens.Plenty of grip to hit your toughest challenges:High cornering grip, large consistency over the entire profile – The Cap&Base dual-compound layo
This is supported by a harder layer to ensure consistency and thermal balance.
Regardless of how wet the surface is, or the level of the tarmac, significant levels of grip is provided.Great stability on straight, superb confidence at full lean – The directional center grooves deliver stability when upright.

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