Metzeler Sportec M5 Motorcycle Sport Bike Radial Front Tire 110/70ZR17 (110/70-17)

Price: $82.99
(as of Mar 22,2021 21:40:02 UTC – Details)

The Metzeler Sportec M5 is one of the top sportbike tires to ever hit the road. It combines longevity, steep lean angles, and safety while on wet surfaces. The Sportec M5 features Interact Technology, a variable steel string that winds tension throughout 5 zones that alters the behavior of the tire from the crown to the shoulder. The center of the tire is constructed with higher tension to provide higher mileage usage. The next zone has the lowest tension which provides the best grip. This zone is known as the mid-lean zone. The shoulder of the tire, the section used during a full lean is comprised of high tension for greater stability. The innovative Pi inspired tread pattern helps displace water for unmatched wet weather behavior. The resins blend and silica compound help to produce a quick warm-up for excellent traction. If your high powered “crotch rocket” or sportbike needs a fresh set of skins, do your bike a favor and grab some Metzeler Sportec M5 tires.

Guaranteed date code of 2019 or newer.
Tread pattern designed to assist in water displacement.
Geometry and rubber compounds allow for steep lean angles.
Resin blend and silica compound speed up tire warm-up for great traction.
Features a high tension center that prolongs the life of the tire for miles and miles of use.

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