Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable, Heavy Duty Universal Combination Lock Cable Caribeaner Lock Motorcycle Security PIN Locking Chain for Bike Helmet, Jacket, Cabinets & Luggage

Price: $12.99
(as of Feb 27,2020 20:51:54 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Little World Helmet Lock – A Safe, Fast & Easy Way to Lock your Helmet to Your Motorcycle

How do you deal with your helmet when you park up and leave for at least a while? Carrying your helmet is a hassle, but leaving it dangling from your handle bars is just not very practical… or safe. Securing your helmet to your motorcycle, bike or scooter is your best option – and it just got a whole lot easier…

The Helmet Lock by Little World is comprised of a Carbine style D-lock (with PIN code) and a 1.8 M self coiling braided steel cable (3 mm thick). You can attach one, or 2 helmets or even a helmet and a jacket at the same time to the bike. All parts are coated with a protective sleeve so that the chrome of your bike or your helmet won’t get damaged.

– Sleek & Attractive All-Black Helmet Lock, 100% waterproof and will not rust,coated with durable PVC plastic for protection and to prevent scratching

– Lightweight 5 oz & compact (fit’s in your pocket), Measures just 5 cm x 8 cm

– Cable is 1.8M long so can attach one or more helmets to bike (plus a jacket if you want)

– Cable made from strong, flexible braided steel fiber, it is self coiling for easy use & storage

How to reset and use:

Each lock is provided with the starting combination 0 0 0.
Ensure the 0 0 0 is facing you and push down button(A) to open the lock.
Slide forward and hold button (B) at back.
Set your 3 number combination remembering to HOLD BUTTON (B) in position.
After you have set your combination,release button(B)

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A little Tips for all our important buyers:

Please set a password that you can remember yourself easily, because if you forget your password, you will not be able to reset it. WHY? Because if you forget the combination and you can reset it, any stranger who doesn’t know your combination can get it and set your combination. If so, the helmet lock will lose its meaning. So, we hope every customer can understand this.

SECURE & TOUGH – High quality metallic carabiner combination PIN lock so that your helmet will NOT get stolen
EASY TO CARRY- Small & Light (5cm x 9cm) to easily tuck into your pocket and carry around.
GOOD PERFORMANCE CABLE: 1.82M long (6 feet) flexible steel cables consists of ultra-strong steel braided line coated in PVC for weather resistance, scratch protection and durability)
WORKS WITH ALL TYPES – Motorcycles, scooters or bicycles. And with protective coating to prevent damage to your bike or helmet
MULTIPURPOSE – Purpose device locks can be perfectly used to secure your bags, suitcases, baby stroller, ladder, garden furniture and more

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