Lifan X-Pect EFI Motorcycle Bike Adult Dirt Bike 14hp Enduro Street Bike Dirt Bikes Fuel Injection Assembled,Green

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Product Description

The advantages of Assembled Version:

Proper assembly.

You can ride with no worry by knowing that this unit was assembled by a professional!

Save time and money with a unit that’s already assembled.

On average local shops will charge 150 to 200 for assembly service. Whether you planned on paying a local shop for assembly or if you planned on assembling your unit on your own you still save money! Your time is money!

No Risk of Losing Parts.

Non-assembled units come with the assembly hardware in a bag or box which can sometimes get lost during shipping.With a fully assembled unit that’s one less thing you have to worry about! Everything is already assembled so there’s no risk of losing assembly hardware and statistically a fully assembled unit has a higher percentage of arriving undamaged during shipping!

Advantages of lithium batteries compared to acid batteries

High voltage.Long cycle life.Good safety performance.Small self-discharge.Fast charging.Large working temperature range.

LED Runing Lights

Compared with ordinary lights, LED lights are small in size and low in power consumption, but they have a longer service life, higher brightness, and durability.

Great performance and fuel economy

200cc EFI engine generate 14 hp ,equal to most of the 250cc China made 250 engine. And better fuel economy than most of 250cc competitors. Same power, less fuel consumption.

6 Benefits of EFI Technology


The engine control unit (ECU) is the brain of the EFI engine and the reason for many advantages of EFI. The ECU interprets a variety of information from sensors throughout the engine so that it can continually run at an optimal level.

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Reduced fuel consumption & emissions

By monitoring the engine sensors, the ECU determines the precise amount of fuel that needs to be delivered by the injector. It also delivers the exact air/fuel ratio to the engine by activating the injectors for the precise amount of time. Fine tuning this delivery results in better fuel economy by reducing consumption up to 25 percent and emissions control up to 20 percent.

Less servicing

Not only are there no carburetor maintenance or replacement costs, there is also less servicing needed in general. The fuel system, for example, is entirely sealed so the gasoline does not encounter oxygen, which causes it to go bad. This prevents the needs for bringing the engine in for servicing in the spring as a result of contaminated gas.

Altitude adaptability

Changes in altitude can affect any engine’s performance and in higher altitudes there is less oxygen. In a carbureted engine, operators would be required to change the carburetors jetting, but with EFI, it automatically compensates for the change in altitude by sensing the air temperature and density. It would then modify the fuel flowing through the injectors to provide the correct mixture for that current altitude.

Eliminating carburetor float problems

An EFI system is all electronic. Because of this it has an injector, which means it doesn’t require a fuel float that you would find in a carburetor. The carburetor floats can bounce around causing a lot of problems, especially with the movement of vehicles.


Can be registered in most States.


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200cc, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder

Cylinder Arrangement


Cooling System

Air Cooled


5 Speed Manual clutch

Ignition Type


Start System


Front/Rear Brake


Front Tire


Rear Tire


Net Weight (lbs)


Overall L*W*H:

81″ * 30.7″ * 44″

Seat Height


Fuel Tank

2.6 gal

Max Torque

13.8 N.m/6500 RPM

Compression Ratio



63.5MM x 62.2MM

For transportation safety,we ships 95% assembled. Just need to connect to the battery,handlebars,and rearview mirrors by youself.
Advanced 200cc EFI engine, With featuring EFI system, the X-PECT is able to perform well under any weather condition and at higher altitude
LCD digital display and LED daytime running lights.
90/90-19 front and 110/90-17 rear tires offer great traction.
Free two-year limited powertrain warranty.

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