LEDAUT 2″x 100’Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap For Car & Motorcycle Exhaust Tape With Stainless Ties

Price: $29.99
(as of May 17,2021 02:28:44 UTC – Details)

LEDAUT titanium header wrap is made from Basalt Lava Rock and is stranded into a fiber material, engineered to be 25 percent

stronger than fiberglass exhaust wrap on the market today.

By wrapping the header and exhaust system, it maintains hotter exhaust gases, decreases the density, and that allows the exhaust gas to

exit the system faster. Greater exhaust scavenging is produced to helping lower air intake temperatures. This gives you more horsepower.

Volcanic header wrap also reduces radiant heat damage and can lower under hood temperatures by as much as 50 percent.

This hose wrap can withstands 1400F direct/2000F radiant heat,it can reduces heat under hood up to 50% that will well protect the hose of

the engine system and also protects drivers and mechanics from burns. Perfect for any automotive or motorcycle application.

The car and motorcycle performance will be highly improved with the titanium wrap.

2″X 100′ titanium exhaust wrap with 16 x 11.8″ stainless steel(304) locking ties.
Titanium heat shield sleeve is made from crushed volcanic rock.
Heat shield are highly resist to abrasions, oil spills, temperatures and vibration breakdown.
The exhaust heat wrap tape can withstand 1400F direct/2000F radiant heat.
The thermal heat wrap reduces heat under hood up to 50% and improve car and motorcycle performance

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