KP4L-BS Motorcycle LiFePO4 Battery 12v – Lithium Phosphate Iron Battery High Performance – Maintenance Free – BMS Voltage Protection – Replacement ETX4L-BS YTX4L YT4L-BS GT4L-BS GTX4L GT4L WPX4L-BS

Price: $49.11
(as of Jun 09,2021 04:48:33 UTC – Details)

Please Check The Battery Size And Terminal Polarity Are Suitable For Your Motorcycle

1.Charging Efficiency: 3C
2.Voltage Protection Board: BMS Built in
3.Start Transient Voltage Fluctuation: 0.2~0.5V
4.Cycle Life: More than 2000times(3-5 years)
5.Discharging Temperature: -25~80Centigrade
6.Extremely Low self-discharge: 20% for SLA Battery.
7.Long Service Life: Its cycle can reach as long as 2000 times which is 7-10 times of SLA (the SLA battery is 300-500 times only).
8.Maintenance free: LiFePO4 battery don’t include any liquid then it is maintenance free.
9.Good performance, Lightweight: Weighs about 1/3 of same capacity SLA Battery.
10.Low Attenuation Rate: The attenuation rate of LiFePO4 Battery is 5% per year, and SLA is 40% per year.
11.No Hazmat, Cleaner for the environment: Cleaner for the environment, No Hazmat, while LiCoO2 and SLA cause serious pollution to the environment.

Installation Instructions
1. Routinely test whether the charging system of the locomotive is normal and whether the whole vehicle circuit has leakage.(be sure to check)
2. Remove the negative bolt and the wire first, and then remove the positive bolt and the wire, and remove the galvanic battery.(to avoid short circuit)
Package Include:
1 x KP4L-BS Battery
1 x 14.6V LiFePO4 Charger
2 x Screws
1 x Manual

KP4L-BS LiFePO4 Battery: Voltage: 12 Volt; Battery type: LiFePO4 Battery; Terminal: Pure copper Nut & Bolt; Battery Dimensions: 113x70x89mm / 4.4×2.7×3.5inch; Weight: 0.52kg / 1.15lb; CCA: 160A;No Maintenance, No Spill – No Acid Inside, No Leak Problems.LiFePO4 Battery Don’t Include Any Liquid.
HIGH PERFORMANCE – Extremely Low Self-discharge: 20% For Sealed Lead Acid(SLA) Battery.Weighs About 1/3 Of Same Capacity SLA Battery. Its Cycle Can Reach As Long As 2000 Times Which Is 7-10 Times Of SLA (The SLA Battery Is 300-500 Times Only). The Attenuation Rate Of LiFePO4 Battery Is 5% Per Year, And SLA Is 40% Per Year.
BUILT-IN BMS & RUGGED CONSTRUCTION – BMS stands for “Battery Management System” – the brain of our deep cycle lithium batteries.The High Impact Resistant Battery Case Is Made Up Of A Non-Conductive ABS Plastic. This Material Has a Strong Resistance To Shock, Vibration, Chemicals And Heat.
NO POLLUTION – Safe For The Environment. Does Not Contain Any Acid And Heavy Metals Such As Lead, Cadmium, Or Mercury. Because Of Its Non-Toxicity, The Natural Abundance Of Iron, Its Excellent Thermal Stability, Safety Characteristics, Electrochemical Performance, And Specific Capacity (170 Ma·h/g, Or 610 C/g) It Gained Some Market Acceptance.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – One-Time Installation Of Our Maintenance Free Batteries Will Get Your System Or Application Running In No Time At All. Free Shipping Within 2 Working Days.BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.

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