Jayron Backlight LCD Tachometer Engine Thermometer Gauge Digital Display Replaceable Battery for Motorcycle ATV Boat Marine Compressor Cleaners (TS003)

Price: $32.59
(as of Feb 22,2021 18:51:20 UTC – Details)

Product :JR-HM035T TS003
Sensor type: TS003 (temp range: -20-300℃), used to detect engine current temperature through induction
Attachment :Cable tie*2;TEMP sensor PT100;Double-sided tape;Bolt*2;Nut*4;Flat washer*2;Battery CR2032*1;User manual;Box

Hour Meter function :
▶Total Hours reading displays from 0 to 99,999 Hours, 0.1/1 hours accuracy.
▶When the engine or the timer is turned off,the data retained automatically and will not be clear
▶Partial Timer(JOB) range is the same as the TOT, and can be reset
▶Countdown maintenance reminder interval range: 0-200, default value: 20

Tachometer function:
▶RPM range:1000-25000,10RPM accuracy
▶The overspeed setting range is consistent with the RPM, the default value is 8500
▶3 programmable firing patterns:1P1R;1P2R;2P1R;3P1R;3P2R;4P1R;5P2R;6P1R;8P1R
▶Maximum RPM can be reset

Thermometer function :
▶Temperature range: -20 to -+300 ℃(-4 to -+572 ℉),The default unit ℃
▶When the warning temperature is exceeded, the backlight flashes red and the warning sign flashes
▶Max temperature value is viewable and resettable

Other :
▶Built-in CR2032 210mAh battery, replaceable
▶3 product fixing methods: double-sided stickers / screws / aluminum frame bracket(not include)
▶3 Backlight mode: ON/OFF/AUT
▶Waterproof rate: IP67
▶User shutdown;LCD screen size 41×17 mm(1.6×0.7inch)
▶ Wire length:1.75m (5.74ft)
▶Backlight color: red/green
▶CE,RoHS certification

Works on :
▶ 2 Stroke 1 cylinder/2 stroke 2 cylinder/2 stroke 3 cylinder/4 stroke 1 cylinder/ 4 stroke 2 cylinder/4 stroke 3 cylinder/4 stroke 4 cylinder/4 stroke 5 cylinder/4 stroke 6 cylinder/4 stroke 8 cylinder/4 stroke 12 cylinder/4 stroke 16 cylinder Gas Engines.

HOUR METER—-This new hour meter includes TOT,Resettable partial timer and Countdown maintenance reminder
TACHOMETER—-Record the correct engine speed in real time, resettable RPM and overspeed alert settings, and provide 9 selectable spark plug patterns for different gasoline engines
THERMOMETER—-You Can choose the temperature unit of ℃/℉ according to the usage habits and set the over temp alert value to detect engine temp
BACKLIGHT—-3 selectable backlight modes: ON/OFF/AUT, in addition, red backlight warning overspeed/over temperature
OTHER—-User shutdown; replaceable battery; epoxy resin process: prevent impact and wear, heat resistant, waterproof IP67; Accessories;provide Buyer support, two-year warranty

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