IZTOSS Alarm Disc Lock 110 dB Waterproof Anti-Theft Perfect Guard Shock Sensor with Reminder Cable and Carrying Bag for Motorcycles Bikes Scooters.(Silver)

Price: $24.99
(as of Aug 25,2021 21:36:13 UTC – Details)

Product Description

The alarm disc lock is sturdy and durable, and can also maintain good performance in rainy days.

If someone touches your motorcycle/bicycle after being locked, the alarm disc lock will emit a 110dB alarm sound, which is a powerful deterrent to thieves. So you never have to worry about your motorcycles and bicycles being stolen.

This is an indispensable item for you to travel on a motorcycle, stay in a motel, and park in an outdoor public parking space.


Battery type:LR44(AG13)


Push the lock cylinder to the end.

When in the alarm state ,you can hear a warning“beep”.

Five seconds later, when the lock or the vehicle is subject to a certain

vibration, you will hear“beep, beep,beep”.

Further touching , and immediately, you will hear alarm sound.

Continuous vibration, continuous alarm, each alarm sound lasts for 10 seconds.


Double-sided Internal Milling Slot Key

Effectively prevent violent unlocking and upgrade anti-theft

Orange Reminder Cable

The striking orange allows you to see your motorcycle or bicycle at a glance among many vehicles, and also reminds you to remove the disc lock before using the motorcycle to prevent potential damage when the disc lock is engaged.

Portable Pouch

You can hang the portable pouch on the frame or the front of the car, and put the lock in the pouch, so that you don’t need to bring another bag in order to carry the lock.

Way to Replace the Battery

Step 1

Unscrew the four screws with Allen key.

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Step 2

Pull up the upper cover of the lock,you can see the inner device.

Step 3

After replacing the battery, re-tighten the screws.

【High Quality&Reminder Cable】High Quality&Reminder CableThe lock is made of zinc alloy, with a built-in anti-drilling lock cylinder, which can prevent the lock cylinder from being damaged by an electric drill. The package includes an striking orange coiled reminder cable that you can connect it to the handlebar to avoid potential damage if you forget the disk lock.
【Double Waterproof】The lock cover and the lock body form a closed space, in which the water can’t access to the battery and circuit board.
【High-decibel Alarm】In the alarm mode, when the lock body has been touched, it will produce a harsh high-pitched sound of 110dB, deterring the thief.
【Key-free Locking】It can be easily locked by pressing the lock cylinder, and no key is required for locking.
【Wide Application】Fits the majority of the motorcycles and bikes with disc brakes, where the brake rotor is less than 7mm (0.27″) thick and cross drilled.

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