IS IT HARD TO RIDE A MOTORCYCLE? Well, I will have to answer that question with another question only you can answer. Are you determined to know how to ride a motorcycle? If your answer to this question is yes, then riding a motorcycle won`t be difficult for you.

 On the other hand, if the answer to your question is No, then riding a motorcycle will be very, very difficult for you.

    Before you can ride a motorcycle there are certain qualities that you need to acquire.  These qualities are balance, strength, endurance, agility, courage, focus, acquired knowledge as well as common sense.

If you are truly determined to ride a motorcycle, the last quality mentioned here is the hardest to achieve.  The other qualities are easier to get.  The other qualities are much easier to achieve.

  The first thing you need in order to ride a motorcycle is balance.  What you get balance, you are good to go.

 The next thing is to know how to shift gears.  Once you can move from neutral to first gear and second effortlessly, you are already making progress.

 Note that speeding off is not the most important thing else you can get yourself involved in a fatal crash.

  Never become carried away over the excitement of riding a motorcycle that you forget to wear your personal protective equipment.


 With what we have discussed so far, it’s now up to you whether it will be difficult or easy for you to ride a motorcycle. What you need is the right mindset and you will be good to go.  As a reminder, the qualities you need to acquire before you can ride a motorcycle include strength, balance, endurance, agility, courage, acquired knowledge, common sense and focus. If you can develop all these skills, good luck to you.  

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