how to get a motorcycle license in ca

how to get a motorcycle license in ca

How to get a motorcycle license in ca – What`s the fastest way to get a motorcycle license in California?  Can I get it fast? What are the requirements I need to meet? These questions would probably be running through your mind as a new motorcycle rider in the golden state.  

 California is not just called a golden state for nothing. It’s oceanfront cruises, its heart-pounding hillsides but just to mention a few makes riding a motorcycle in California a pleasure. Before you can truly catch fun on your motorcycle in this golden state, you need to get a motorcycle license. This article is specially designed to walk you through the process of getting your motorcycle driver’s license.

  You need to have a valid motorcycle permit whether you drive a motorcycle or another motor-driven cycle.  You must have a class M1 license which is also referred to as a motorcycle endorsement before you can ride a motorcycle in California. Once you are able to meet the basic requirements I will outline below, you will become a legal motorcycle driver in California.

               Applying for a motorcycle license is just similar to applying for a driver’s license. Once you are over 18, you have a few advantages, you will just have to take a written text, vision test, and driving test.   If you successfully complete the motorcycle basic riders test, the driving test can be waived.


    If you are not up to 18 years of age, you can apply for a motorcycle license that only requires that you pass a written traffic laws test and a vision test.  In order, to apply you must complete the California high way patrol (CHP) basic riders course. You will also need to provide your certificate of motorcycle training.

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  Whether it is a two-wheeled motorcycle, motor-driven cycle, a motorized scooter, motorized bicycle, bicycle with an attached motor, moped, or a motorized scooter, you will need a class M1 license.

  You can operate a motorized bicycle, motorized scooter, moped, or a bicycle with an attached motor with a class M2 license.

  You can operate a motorcycle with a sidecar attached or a 3 wheeled motorcycle with a Class C license.  

What fees will I pay when I Apply for My Motorcycle License?

In order to get a Motorcycle license in California, you will be required to pay an application fee.


    All is not over yet you can try again.  You can try again for up to 3 times. If you do not pass the first time, you can schedule a follow up appointment for the exam.

     The official state approved course for bike riders is the carlifornia motorcyclist safety program (CMSP) is administered by the CHP. Once you complete this course, you will be given a certificate of completion of motorcycle training. (form DL 389) You can use this form to earn a test waiver.

        The Californian high way patrol course holds on weekends and it comes with a fee. . While the DMV course requires no extra fee and it takes only a few minutes. These two courses require that you complete the basics of safety and defensive riding, such as weaving through cones, driving in a tight circle, and applying a hand break after accelerating at a high speed to come to a hard quick stop.

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