How often to change motorcycle oil (Best Recommendation)

how often to change motorcycle oil

How often to change motorcycle oil? –  This is a question many bikers have been asking for a very long time. So in this article, I will answer this age-long question.  

  You need to consider 3 factors when it comes to changing your motorcycle engine oil.

  • What model of the bike are you using?
  • What engine oil brand are you using?
  • How often do you use your bike?

 If you own a brand new or relatively new bike, it is of utmost importance to change the engine oil at specific intervals. Read the manufacturer’s manual to find out the specified interval for your bike.

  From another point of view, the answer to the question of how often you should change your motorcycle oil depends on the type of oil you used during the last change.

  If you use mineral-based motor oil for your engine ( Which is the simplest and cheapest engine oil available right now in the market) then, you should change your engine oil at least every 2,000 miles. If you don’t use your motorcycle regularly, then you have to change the oil at least twice a year.

  If you use semi-synthetic oil for your motorcycle, then its best to change the oil after 5,000 or 6,000 miles.

 On the other hand, if you use fully-synthetic motor oil, the general rule is to change the engine oil after 7,000 to 10,000 miles. Synthetic motor oil is more expensive than mineral-based oil.  On the other side, semi-synthetic oil or fully-synthetic ils usually last long so you`ll not need to change them as often as you should.

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  Furthermore, if you use your bike every day or you travel long distances on a daily basis then you will have to change your oil more frequently regardless of whether you are using mineral, fully-synthetic or semi-synthetic engine oil.

  If you also feel that your oil is dirty, or than your engine is not performing as it should then you must change your engine regardless of the mileage.


It’s important to change your engine oil at least twice a year because when you ride your bike, a small amount of combustion by-products gets past the rings and introduces different contaminants including water inside the crankcase. This contaminant mixes with the oil and then gets distributed through the engine where it begins to cause corrosion.

 If you use your bikes for just short trips and therefore do not have the opportunity to get and stay hot for a half-hour or more, then chances are high that moisture will build up and dilute the oil, diminishing its ability to lubricate, clean and cool.

 With this in mind, if you use your bike almost exclusively for short rides and rarely run fully warm for extended periods then you should change the oil at least  3 times a year. Ideally, you should get your motorcycle engine up to operating temperature and keep it there for at least 30 minutes twice a month.

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