Granit Power XS 67/105HB50 red

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Storage space on a motorcycle or scooter is scarce and, even so, everyone needs protection from theft and illicit use. What lock can a rider always carry in normal cases? Disc padlocks are a practical solution for many motorized two-wheelers. They are very compact, lightweight and, therefore, very easy to transport. For a prolonged parking lot with a high risk of theft, the combination with a chain is recommended so that the motorcycle can not be taken from the site.

ABUS contributes in a responsible way to the protection of people and valuables, taking care, in many fields of life, of that plus in security.
Storage space is a rare commodity on a motorbike or scooter and yet it always needs securing against theft and unauthorized use.
What is the best sort of lock for a motorcyclist to carry for normal use? Brake disk locks are a practical solution for many motorbikes.
They are very compact and light which makes them easy to transport.
If your vehicle is parked for a long time in a place where there is high risk of theft, combining the lock with a chain is recommended to prevent the motorbike from being carried away.14 mm shackle (17 mm coating).Double-bolted shackle in the lock body.Th

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