GOOLOO S4 4 Amp Car Battery Charger Automotive, 6V/2A 12V/4A Smart Trickle Charger Maintainer with Supply Mode, Automatic Motorcycle Battery Charger for Truck Lawn Mower RV Boat Lead-Acid Battery

Price: $59.99 - $49.99
(as of Oct 04,2021 16:09:02 UTC – Details)

Note: it is not car jump starter

KEEP BATTERY FULL CHARGED & WELL MAINTAINED–IT IS NOT A CAR JUMP STARTER. You won’t get caught with a dead car battery with our GOOLOO S4 smart car battery charger and maintainer. It works excellently with 6volt and 12 volt lead-acid locomotive batteries like WET, SLA, GEL, AGM, FLOODED, VRLA batteries and 12volt LiFePO4 batteries.
INTELLIGENT BATTERY CHARGER– GOOLOO S4 auto trickle battery charger featuring a 10-stages automatic charging system, adjusts the charging current, automatically switches from fast-charge, top-off, and trickle charge, safely charges to rejuvenate the battery and ensures optimal performance without overcharging.
TOTAL PROTECTION– GOOLOO S4 smart battery charger comes a range of safety features to ensure maximum safety during use. It offers short circuit protection, overload protection, low-voltage protection, high-voltage protection, overcharge protection, over-temperature protection, reverse-connection protection, and over-current protection. It’s got IP65 protection which means you can use it anywhere with an outlet.
PLUG TO PLAY–This single button operated charger comes with an easy-to-follow LCD display showing charging voltage, charging mode, battery charging bar and battery levels. Just connect the corresponding poles, press the button to select the mode, and forget.
VERSATILE DESIGN– GOOLOO S4 smart battery charger and maintainer can also be used as a DC power supply for powering some of the 12V DC devices( 5-14 volt, 3A MAX CURRENT) or as a memory retainer when replacing a battery. The convenient hooks for easy hanging on the wall, and weigh only 0.6kg (1.3lbs).
AUTO REPAIR WHEN CONNECTED–The auto repair mode is suitable for topping off stored batteries between uses so that they are always ready to go when you are. Note: It may not be possible to repair a deep-discharged battery.
CHARGING PEAK CURRENT–It supplies 4A current for charging up to 100AH 12V lead-acid batteries, and 2A current for up to 30AH 6V lead-acid batteries.
TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE–If you ever troubled with our smart battery charger, please kindly find our Troubleshooting Guide Manual ON the product information page, below the technical details and download it for a referrence.

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