Fuel Water Separating Filter Inline Engine Solvent Fuel Filter Straight Swivel Hose End Single-core Aluminum Fitting Car Marine Motorcycle Replacement Fuel Lines (A)

Price: $16.89
(as of Jun 04,2021 00:25:22 UTC – Details)

👍⛽One-click filtering and cleaning of the fuel system, saving time and effort and saving maintenance service fees
🚗【Aluminum Car Modified Fuel Filter】⛽– This fuel filter can help block the fuel system, reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable engine operation, and improve reliability
🚗【Filter Impurities】⛽– This fuel filter removes iron oxide, dust and other solid impurities contained in the fuel to prevent the fuel system from clogging.Extend the service life of the fuel system
🚗【Easy to Use】⛽– Singlecore aluminum filter one-button operation, efficient cleaning, saving maintenance service costs. Suitable for car lawn mower tractor motorcycle
🚗【Cleaning Principle】⛽– The fuel enters the sedimentation cup of the filter. As the volume becomes larger and the flow rate becomes smaller, water and impurities will settle at the bottom of the cup. Light impurities flow to the filter element with the fuel, while the clean fuel penetrates into the filter element and then flows out through the fuel pipe
🚗【Fast Delivery & Service】⛽– We promise to process your order within one day, and the package will arrive within 7-15 days.A:6 inch 5/8 “-24;B:6 inch -1/2”-28

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