FLY5L-BS 12V CCA 180A 36Wh LiFePO4 Motorcycle Engine Start Battery with BMS Smart Battery 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Scooter Batteries 4.5×2.8×4.1inch Left Positive

Price: $63.60
(as of Dec 08,2020 18:47:02 UTC – Details)

Certificate: CE ROHS MSDS UN38.3
Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Grade A
Voltage Protection Board: Yes
Max Charge Current: 10C
Advantages: It has excellent safety performance and high efficiency and stability working performance than traditional Lead acid battery
Light weight: It is only 1/3 times lighter than lead acid battery
Low self discharge rate: It can be stored for more than 1 years ( and normal lead acid can only be stored with less than 6 months )
No pollution: It does not contain any hazardous materials such as heavy metal ,acid or any leads etc
Excellent large current charging performance: It can accept 10C charge current and 90% will be charged with 6 minutes
Fuels saving: Increased the ignition voltage , improved spark plug’s efficiency ,so it can save fuels for your vehicles
Long cycle life: Normally the cycle life our battery can reach more than 2500 time with 80% capacity ( normal lead acid battery has only 300 times cycle life )
Attention: Please check the rectifier is good or not before installation
Motorcycle start lithium ion battery has the following advantages:
1) The green environmental protection, no sulfuric acid, heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury pollution problem
2) Do not need to add acid, completely free maintenance, no acid leakage problem, can be installed in any direction to use, safe and reliable
3) High power, starting current is more than 40C (lead-acid start ratio of 10C)
4) Charging capacity is strong, can be large current fast charge, the fastest can charge the battery 10 c, 6 minutes can charge to 90% of capacity. Even after losing electricity, can fill in a short time
5) Super long cycle life, can be greater than 2500 times (lead-acid battery is commonly 300)
6) Low self-discharge, long storage time and can be more than 1 year
7) Stable discharge voltage, the engine work more stable and easier to start your motorcy

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Specification: FLY5L-BS Voltage 12V, Weight 0.57KG/1.3lb, Size 113x70x105mm/4.5*2.8*4.1inch, Power 36Wh, CCA 180A, Material Lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4), BMS Protection voltage 8V-14.6V, Left Positive and Right Negative
Performance: Service life is more than 2500 cycles to 80% capacity, Normal use time 5-10 years, Won’t catch fire and no poisonous lead and harmful sulfuric aicd, More power than lead-acid batteries and faster start-up
Smart BMS: Voltage protection board prevents over-discharge, over charge and short circuit, when over-charge or over-discharge is detected, the BMS stops charge or discharge automatic
After-sale service: 2-Year warranty, 24-Hour customer technical service
Packing List: 1PCS FLY5L-BS Left Positive Battery, 1PCS charger, 2PCS Mounting screws, Product Manual

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