FEISIKE Handlebar Bike Mirror, Bicycle Mirror with 4.3” HD Night Vision Function, 145° Wide Angle View, 720° Adjustable Rotatable Bracket, Safe Bike Camera Monitor to See What’s Coming from Behind

Price: $59.99
(as of May 02,2021 14:39:27 UTC – Details)

Product Description

HD View

The monitor is updated in real time and the screen is smooth, HD 1080p camera gives you a different visual experience.

Super Wide Angle

The super wide-angle can provide you with a clearer and broader view. And show the actual distance of the scene, there will be no deformation.

Night Vision

Even when riding at night, You can turn on night vision, and there will have a night vision sign as shown in the figure above.

USB Charging

6000mah battery capacity,go through one charging can be used for around 5-6 hours.

Monitor Bracket Diameter

The diameter of the screen bracket can be adjusted by rotation, and suitable for 20-30 mm handlebars.

360° Adjustable Rotation

The bracket is rotated at 360 degrees, and you can adjust any angle to get your best view while staying tucked in an optimal riding position.

Camera Bracket Diameter

The camera bracket has 2 sets of removable gaskets, which are suitable for most bicycle poles.

Buckle joint Design

Buckle joint design allows you to keep the screen stable during riding, even after uneven road conditions.

Used in Bicycle and Pet Trailer

When you travel with your pet, you can observe every move of your pet anytime and anywhere.

Fit for Bike Trailer for Toddlers, Easily Observe the Baby’s Move

Make Your Ride with Your Children More Interesting

FEISIKE Bike Monitor Camera features functions of wide visibility, night vision, no shaking which ensures you in the peace of mind whilst driving even in the event of an accident, monitoring your child safely and clearly. It will increase the bike safety index without looking back while driving so we as parents can feel safe and secure.

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🚵‍♂Keep Safe – The monitor is updated in real-time and the screen is smooth. It helps you see vehicles and other bikes approaching from the rear and frees you from constantly looking over your shoulder to see what’s behind you. This makes for a more enjoyable, carefree experience.
🚵‍♂Tool-Free Installation-You only need to fix two brackets on the handlebar and seat tube and tighten screws. Then, use the hook&loop tape to fix the cable along the bike body. Finally, turn on the switch button, and the screen will automatically show the view of the road behind. The support is shockproof, so even through uneven roads screen display will be no shaking and displacement.
🚵‍♂ Covers any blind spots – The viewing angle of the camera is 145 degrees, Monitor the traffic that’s behind you, The size of the display screen is 4.3 inches, which is Bigger than a traditional bicycle mirror. the wide-angle new upgrade, the screen shows the scene is the actual distance, there will be no deformation.
🚵‍♂ Night Vision Function- The camera and screen display has waterproof and night vision functions that ensure you can see the road behind you even when riding at night. This makes riding at night easier, more interesting, and stress-free.
🚵‍♂Long Battery Life- With a battery capacity of 6000mah, it can be used for up to 5-6 hours on a single charge. The screen bracket can adjust the size, which is suitable for 20-30 mm handlebars

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