Dished Wassell Motorcycle Gas Tank Mid Mount Tunnel 2.03 Gallon 2.1 Gal Peanut Style Sportster Bobber Harley Chopper Bayonet Cam Fuel Cap Bung Two 1/4 inch NPT petcock bungs Custom Bike Builder 1200 x

Price: $199.99
(as of Mar 07,2021 23:11:16 UTC – Details)

Excellent Quality ( Not Made in China ) New Dished Wassell Peanut Motorcycle Gas Tank Mid Tunnel
Universal Fit Mid tunnel Un-drilled mounting tabs Bungs for two 1/4″ NPT petcocks
2.1 gal capacity / 14.5″ long x 9″ wide x 7.5″ tall / 17″ tab to tab / 3.5″ deep x 2.15″ wide tunnel
Thanks for Looking at our Quality items,Tanks are pressure tested , Be sure fit of tank, mounting hardware, petcocks and gas caps are true prior to painting No stress is applied to the tabs when bolting them to the frame, this can lead to cracking of welds. If needed, use leather or rubber washes to shim between the tabs and the backbone to ensure an even fit. Do not sand seams or welded edges of gas tanks, if needed use a thin spread of body filler prior to painting
The dished Wassell style gas tank is a throwback to sixties show bikes. The recessed dishing perfectly matches the outside lines of the tank and is formed during the stamping process. Unlike other dished tanks which cut the panels out and weld them back in reversed, our edges are perfectly smooth. Since it’s a one-stamped piece, you won’t have to worry about any cracking at the weld seams or spend tons of time prepping for paint. This is a Frisco mount tank so it will sit high up on the back

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