Bluetooth Helmet Motorcycle Double Lens Integrated Flip Up Full Face Visor Modular

Price: $135.00
(as of Jul 08,2021 21:41:27 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Introduction to helmet parameters

Code number

M57-58cm, l59-60cm, 61-62cm, 63-64cm, a circle from the back of the head to the eyebrow corresponding to the number of CM, select the code number

Battery parameters

Built in 1200 Ma lithium battery, 20 hours of music listening, 4 days of standby, with its own radio.

Helmet material

New and durable ABS material


Frosted black, white, black, jujube, yellow, frosted black safflower, Q7, pig brother red, sea shark, red ant, Youku, carbon fiber color, Sun God

Model wearing effect

The helmet is made of ABS material, durable, double lens design. The outer lens is high-definition and transparent, and the inner lens is bright. The design can be opened when uncovering the face. It can provide you with a variety of environment to use half helmet and full helmet. Equipped with 1200 Ma Bluetooth host and 2 built-in 4.0 speakers, you will be shocked by the music. Answering and making calls does not need handset operation, and automatically answers any call from you

Opening effect of outer lens

Double lens design, outer lens high-definition transparent, inner lens block strong light

Uncovering and opening effect

Multi form design brings you different riding experience. In different environment and climate, bring you comfort

Model display

Streamlined design to reduce wind noise

Shock sound quality

Stereo sound quality, dual channel 4.0 speakers provide shocking sound quality and clear call

Back show

The helmet conforms to dot and ECE

Helmet lining

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The inner liner of helmet can be disassembled. It is made of breathable and comfortable polyester material. The inner lining is soft and comfortable. It has no smell and can be disassembled.

Removable helmet liner

The inner liner of helmet can be disassembled. It is made of breathable and comfortable polyester material. The inner lining is soft and comfortable. It has no smell and can be disassembled.

Lower vent

Helmet flip button, press and hold the button, lift up, the helmet can be turned into a half helmet. It can be turned into a half helmet when it is hot in summer, and can be turned into a full closed helmet in winter to reduce the cold.

Lower vent

The helmet is equipped with upper and lower vent switches, which can open and circulate internal air when ventilation is needed. There are vent holes at the back of helmet to provide you with comfortable ventilation environment

Safety tail front

Before installing the tail, please confirm the installation position. Before pasting the double-sided adhesive tape, see how to stick it to ensure that the one-time sticking is successful.

Installation procedure of tail

Three pieces of double-sided adhesive tape are attached to the top of the helmet to install the tail wing. There is no need to install the screws. That is redundant. Please read the installation steps carefully before pasting

After installing the tail

After the tail is pasted, you can’t give it to me. It will affect the sales

Distribution line

Charging cable is provided as standard, without charging head. The charging head is USB plug, which is universal with your mobile phone plug

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Bluetooth device operating instructions

Bluetooth device operating instructions

Press + to increase the volume or the next song, press – to decrease the volume or the previous song, the power key is FM switch key or turn on / off, the phone key is to answer or reject the call, short press 2 times for the last call replay.

Dual lens, Bluetooth helmet, 1200 Ma, 20 hours battery life, 4 days standby, listening to music, answering and making calls
Dual lens design with 1200 Ma Bluetooth headset
Dual lens design, with 1200 Ma Bluetooth headset, high-definition transparent lens
Road driving, easy to answer calls, good sound quality, long endurance, helmet can be turned over, half helmet in summer, full helmet in winter

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