Bike Cable Lock,Tompig Lightweight 5-Digit Combination Chain Lock 4 Feet Security Resettable Chain Lock with Mounting Bracket for Bicycle, Mountain Bike, Scooter,Motorcycles, Iron Sliding Door

Price: $10.99 - $7.03
(as of Jan 13,2021 01:00:55 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Smart 5-digit combination locking mechanisms for key-less convenience. The default code is 00000. Easy to set your own personalized number combination. Code design saves you from the hassle of carrying keys.

Self coiling design make the bike lock cable easy to carry; Equipped with complimentary mounting bracket, the lock can be easily added to other objects; The quick installation button makes it install or remove the lock conveniently.

Braided steel cable provides strong cut resistance, can withstand 3 KN tension and 9KN shear force

his lock is preset to operate at 00000. To set your own combination, follow the steps below:

1. Dial the combination wheels to 00000 and withdraw the cable.

2. Turn the knob 90 degrees clockwise to the designated position.

3. Reset the combination wheels to the desired combination,

making sure the numbers are lined up with the pointer.

4. Have selecting your combination numbers, turn the knob back to the original position in a counterclockwise direction.

5. The new combination is now set.

6. Repeat the 1-5 steps above to reset the combination anytime you like.

Advantages of Our Bike Lock

5-digit combination locking mechanism provides convenient keyless access and high security

Braided steel cable provides strong cut resistance, can withstand 3 KN tension and 9KN shear force

Protective vinyl coating(PVC) helps prevent scratching more durable wear

Long enough to lock more motorcycle or bikes together


Dimensions: 0.5″ diameter

Material: Braided steel cable & vinyl coating (PVC)

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【Secure Password Design】The smart 5-digit resettable combination lock is much safer than the other 4-digits. Easily set up your own personalized digital combination. The code is resettable-you can set 10,000 combinations, which makes the chance of cracking the code only 1/10,0000, giving you a greater sense of security.
【Material Composition of the Lock Body】The bicycle cable lock is made of high-strength PVC braided steel wire, which can withstand a tension of 2.4KN and a shear force of 7KN, thus having higher strength and flexibility. The vinyl protective layer helps prevent scratches and is more durable.
【Self-rolling and Fixed Brackets】Automatic winding design, easy to carry; equipped with free mounting bracket, the lock can be easily added to other objects; the quick installation button makes it easy to install or remove the lock.
【Convenient Keyless Mechanism】The password lock mechanism provides keyless convenience, and you can set your own password in simple steps. With a keyless convenience lock, you don’t have to worry about losing the key and forgetting to take it with you. The code design saves you the trouble of carrying keys.
【Multifunctional Use】The cable is 4 feet long, enough to lock 2-3 bicycles together, or to lock your bicycle to trees, doors, fences, railings, thick poles, etc. The lock can also be used for motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, grills, ladders, doors, lawn mowers, etc.

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