how to tie down a motorcycle

You can damage your motorcycle if you don’t know how to tie down a motorcycle. It is better imagined than experienced. Worse yet, a bad motorcycle tie-down can also be a safety hazard to other motorcycle users on the road.

 Follow the five steps below to tie down your motorcycle to avoid damage.


  Hook the tie-down to the upper or lower triple clamp or to the handlebar.  If you are using a pair of nylon loops (soft ties) then you should use the triple clamp anchor point. After that, attach the other end of the tie-down hook to the anchor point in the truckload.

  You can also wrap soft loops around the base of the left and right side handlebars. Soft loops are straps that are used to keep the hook of your rachet straps off your bike to prevent scratching. If you want to use soft hooks, then hook your ratchet straps to the other end of your soft loops on the handlebar.

   Ratchet straps are designed for standard tie-down applications and they also help to keep your motorcycle firmly secured.


  Put your motorcycle on its side stand and tighten the left side down. You don’t have to drum-tight it yet, just remove the slack. You can also use a motorcycle wheel clock to keep the motorcycle in an upright position.


   Push your motorcycle over to the right side. Once the left tie-down side is already snug, the front suspension will be compressed. It’s the spring force that keeps everything snug and in place. Once the bike is upright, snug down the right tie-down. At this point, we would suggest using a pop clock stand to help keep your motorcycle in an upright position, but don’t forget to secure it properly.

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    Keep your motorcycle straight up and down. Make sure it’s not leaned over to either side and don’t pull the tie-down tautly. Tightening the straps too much can result in damage.


 To prevent the rear end of your bike from bouncing around, take the second set of tie-downs and run them from the anchor point in the bed around the rear wheel over to the anchor point on the right side. Once you do this, you`ll be able to control the side lateral side to side movement.

   It’s not over yet. Double-check all four straps and ensure each one of them is tight enough and has become lost during the process of trying to tie down your motorcycle.

 TIP- Make sure you use durable tie-downs with thick webbing, aggressive string buckles and strong hooks.  Two pairs will give you four anchor points.

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