Antigravity Batteries VTX-20 Lithium 16V Battery, LEFT NEG TERMINAL, Special Voltage Series – Race Cars & Vehicles Using 16-Volt Systems

Price: $359.99
(as of Jul 08,2021 04:40:23 UTC – Details)

This Antigravity Lithium Motorsports Battery is our 16-Volt 20-Cell that comes in the OEM YTX12 case format. This VTX-20-L model has its Negative Terminal located on the LEFT side (NOTE: Photos may show model with Right Neg terminal). This battery is best used as a replacement in 16-Volt systems where generous Reliable Power in a compact size is desired – specifically Race Cars but other vehicles using a 16V system as well. It has a massive 500 Cranking Amps yet weighs only 5 lbs! The VTX-20 offers weight savings of up to 28 pounds in race cars and 14 pounds in Motorcycles. Directly replace your standard 16-Volt lead/acid battery with this easy drop-in, ultra lightweight, high power Lithium-Ion version. It is the most cost-effective weight-loss & performance 16V battery on the market. The actual voltage is 16.5 for a good hot spark. The Antigravity VTX-20 can hold a charge up to a year when there are no “Parasitic Drains” (accessories that draw power when the bike is off: alarms, ECUs, GPS, heated grips). Built in the USA to high quality standards with large all brass terminal design. NOTE: We also offer this battery with the negative terminal located on the Right side (see model VTX-20-R). 500 CA, 15 Ah (Pb Eq). 3-Year Warranty. Best uses: Excellent for Race vehicles using 16-Volt system; Excellent for use in Race Cars.

6 Volt for Vintage Bikes – small & large case formats available
16 Volt for Hardcore Racers

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