ALPHA MOTO Universal Motorcycle Vacuum Carburetor Synchronizer Synchronization Balancer Carb Sync Balancing Gauge Compatible With Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Suzuki GS KZ XS CB 550 650 750 850 900 BMW

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Product Description

Alpha Moto is a family owned company based out of beautiful Las Vegas. We have been in business over a decade.

We provide motorcyclists with quality motorcycle tools and parts on the market. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure you getting the value for your money. Our goal is to make your bike on the road asap! You can count on us for good products and our service.


Motorcycle carburetor synchronizer for two cylinder gauge

This vacuum gauge set features 4 precision gauges. Each gauge has its own individual damping control and calibration control. Gauges are mounted to a heavy metal base intended for bench top use. It comes with both 5mm & 6mm adapters, will work with Honda and Suzuki and Kawasaki and Yamaha, most Kawasaki bikes don’t need adapters.

Comes with gauge mounts, hoses and connectors.

Not all the sync gauges are made the same, the adapters on this set have the special feature to slow down the air flow, thus yield more accurate readings

Gauge Calibration

Content:Before each use, make sure all the gauges are calibrated to 0.

If the needle on the gauge is not pointed at 0:

open the plastic cap, and use a flat head screwdriver to rotate the screw (circle in red in the picture) on the gauge face to adjust the pointer to 0 or the position desired.

Essential tool for your regular motorcycle maintenance!

An ideal tool to balance multi-carbs,ensure when at idle, your bike’s carburetors are all in the same RPM range, therefor each cylinder is drawing the same amount of vacuum through the carbs,result is your bike run smoothly,develop strong power.

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Dial Diameter: 2-3/4″

Gauge reading: 0-38 HG

4 (ID) x 7(OD) x 75 cm Rubber hose x 2pc

102 mm ( M 5 x 0.8) adapter x 2 piece, 52 mm ( M 5 x 0.8) adapter x 2 piece

102 mm ( M 6 x 1.0) adapter x 2 piece, 52 mm ( M 6 x 1.0) adapter x 2 piece

5.5 mm (OD) plastic valve x 4 pieces

Tuning procedure:

1. Start the engine, let it idle and check the gauges.

2. If the needles are bounced all over the place, adjust the valves slightly, the needles will flutter, but should not oscillate more than one graduation on the gauge faces.

3. If one gauge is out of sync, adjust the adjusting screw between carbs until the sync is obtained.

4. Shut off the bike, give the throttle a few snap-backs,let the bike settles in the new setup, and repeat the process until desired result is achieved.

Step by Step Instructions


1. Position the gauge properly.

2. Set up the gauge as per picture indicated.

cut the rubber hoses in two pieces, and connect the hoses with white plastic valves, attach the rubber hoses with the gauge.

3.Remove the vacuum attachment plug-screws from the carburetor flanges or intake manifolds and install the brass adapters in these holes ( long adapters to inside carbs and short adapters to the outside carbs).

Run the engine until operating temperature is reached, carburetors must be adjusted with engine warm and the choke fully open.

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This vacuum gauge set features 4 precision gauges
Each gauge has its own individual damping control and calibration control
Gauges are mounted to a heavy metal base intended for bench top use.
The set comes with both 5 mm and 6 mm adapters, will work with ultimately all bike models includes Yamaha which requires 6 mm adapters.

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