AfterMokit Grip Covers for Big Hands Thicken Your Grips Snug Fit over 1.2-1.4 inch Grips on Harley BMW Yamaha Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Triumph Can-Am Spyder 5 inch Long Black Fat Foam

Price: $14.59
(as of Jan 14,2021 08:52:51 UTC – Details)

See what customers have said:
1. These are high density foam,not gel.Not super soft,but reasonably firm foam.But they feel far better than the hard plastic on my bike.
2. People with different size hands will get different results.My glove is a Large so I think my hands are average size.It has eliminated my wrist pain,if you have heated grips but don’t like the feel of the small hard rubber these are the way to go.
3. I recommend if you do add these to your bike that you find a pair of non-padded motorcycle gloves,while they are doable with my warm weather gloves,my hands get crampy when wearing thicker, cold weather gloves.
4. Still get a bit of hand fatigue,but much better comfort than stock grips,I’ve found rubbing alcohol, and lots of it,is the best lubricant I’ve found to use on slip on grips.Another hint – get them very warm first before stretching them on.
5. So far so good. Easy to install,a little soap and elbow grease and they went right on my Triumph Rocket.It does fatten up the grip a little,which feels weird at first but I got used to it.
6. Compressed air makes the process a 15 second breeze,I like the larger radius as it fits my hand nicely.I have these on my 2018 KTM 690 Enduro.It’s a single cylinder bike with 690cc’s so you can imagine there is some vibration.Do these help with vibration? Barely.They do help, but minimal.
7. Put these on the stock grips on my 2013 H-D 883 sportster.They stick to the grips very well.My grips were too small for my hands and always make my hands hurt after a half hour or so. I wanted something to make them thicker and these worked perfect.
8. Grips are seems to be made of good quality foam. on My BMW R1200R they were extremely easy to put in place.My earlier Grips were Grip Puppies.I can say that Grip Puppies were conducting heat better than these ones.My grips are heated, even grip puppies used to heat up slower,this one just doesn’t heat to their level even after 15 minutes.

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Designed For Large Hands, Fingers overlap a lot on the skinny throttle? Feel pain from the hard rubber stock grip? Try it to add girth and padding by slipping them over your existing standard grips on motorcycle, scooter and ATV
Larger Diameter, May not feel right for small hands especially wearing gloves, once on you will take some time to get used to and you can feel the traction
Forget Your Handlebar Diameter, It’s your grip diameter that matters! They are 5in long match the distance from the housing to the bar end on most bikes, snugly fit grips within 1.2in – 1.4in in diameter
How to apply: Lubricate inside of grip covers with diluted warm soapy water and squeeze them on over standard grips, let them dry in place without moving them for at least 24 hours, no grip can be installed and used within a few hours SAFELY
If you don’t lubricate, it will get stuck half way and rip, people also use compressed air, hair spray, rubbing alcohol to help them slide on and wear gloves makes getting them on much easier than bare hands

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