ADX15L – Replacement Motorcycle Battery UPGRADE

Price: $99.95
(as of Jan 08,2021 15:00:54 UTC – Details)

The ADX15L is an upgrade for the YTX14AHL-BS and is designed for more than just performance. It is designed for the riding enthusiast. The ADX15L is a factory activated premium AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) type battery is completely spillproof and leakproof with added vibration resistance that provides increased performance, service life, durability and safety with plenty of quick starting AGM power. The solid lead top and side terminals on the ADX15L provide versatility and increased strength to withstand the damaging effects of vibration and are more forgiving during installation. The tear resistant absorbed glass mat separators are protected by full frame plates that provide increased cranking amps and extremely low discharge rates. The ADX15L meets, or exceeds, the specifications of your rides original battery. With ThrottleX just buy and ride. With confidence!

Made in the U.S.A. – Maintenance Free – Fully Charged – Ready to Install – 220 CCA and 14 A.H.
18 Month Free Replacement Warranty with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Non Spillable Sealed Technology With Heat Sealed Cover and Patented Solid Lead Female Threaded Terminals. New Stainless Steel Bolts Included!
Dimensions: L = 5 1/4, W = 3 1/2, H = 6 9/16. Weight = 12 lbs.

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