9-30v car Circuit Tester Power Circuit Probe Kit Multimeter 12v 24v Digital Oscilloscope Test Tool Activate Vehicle Component Diode Tester Voltage Detector 0-5V Power Supply for Truck Motorcycle Boat

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Product Description

The P100 Pro is the newest generation intelligent Electrical System Circuit Testerwith 2.4 inch large size LCD screen display. It is dedicated to test all 9V-30Vvehicle electrical systems. P100 Pro is Convenient, Fast and Intelligent !ABOUT P100 ProIntelligent identification of voltage/resistanceOscilloscope functionActivation of vehicle components0-5V adjustable power supplyHertzNetwork online upgradeBuilt in multiple languagesMultimeter mode (measure voltage, resistance, diode)

1、Display: 2.4 inches (320*240 DPI) TFT true color display2、Working temperature: 0-60°C (32-140 F°)3、Storage temperature: -40-70°C (-40-185 F°)4、External power supply: 12V or 24V powered by battery5、Minimum working voltage: 9V6、Maximum working voltage: 30VSPECIFICATIONS AND PARAMETERS7、Maximum measuring voltage: 100V8、Minimum measuring voltage: 0.1V9、Resistance measurement range:1 ohm~200K ohm10、Current measuring range: 0~18A11、Maximum continuous current: 18A12、Color: black white red orange yellow green blue

Multimeter mode

The LEFT of the interface is the functional area from UP to DOWN are: DC voltage (VDC), resistance (OHM), diode/continuity test(DIO).

0-5V Power Supply

The 0-5V power supply function is useful when checking the wiring to the ECU/ECM. After you check the sensor with a Multimeter , if there is still a problem, you can simulate the voltage output by the sensor to verify the wiring to the ECU. There is a set point voltage alarm, in case the circuit connected to the probe tip will force the voltage to be higher or lower than the set point voltage to 0.5 volts, the device will sound an alarm to know that the output voltage is different from the set voltage. It can be disconnected and check for short circuit or other faults.

Oscilloscope mode

“START/STOP” (press “OK” to Start or Stop waveform refresh)“DIV” voltage per grid (test range 1V-49V) Press up and down keys to adjust the voltage value)“Time” time parameter“FREQ” “DUTY” Display test frequency“Vmin” Max Voltage“Vmax” Min Voltage

Activating Components in Your Hand

Hook up the Battery Clip to power supply

Enter into Component Activation , Select MOMENT mode function.

Connect the auxiliary ground lead to the negative terminal of the component being tested, Connect the Probe

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Tip to the positive terminal of the component, Press “UP” button to trigger activatio test.

The LCD screen will display the value of VDC, AMP, and VCC.

If the Probe restart for the circuit breaker tripped or the displayed message OVERLOADED on LCD screen, You can adjust the overload current value and repeat the above operation to further activation.

voltage test

resistance test

diode test

Oscilloscope test

(0-5V) adjustable power supply

Voltage / resistance intelligent identification

AC circuit signal test

Test trailer lights

Check the poor grounding and find the short circuit

Vehicle component activation

To prevent personal injury or damage to vehicles and / or the scan tool, read this user’s manual fifirst carefully and observe the following safety

precautions at a minimum whenever working on a vehicle:

Always perform automotive testing in a safe Environment.

Do not attempt to operate or observe the tool while driving a vehicle, Operating or observing the tool will cause driver distraction and could

cause a fatal accident.

Wear safety eye protection that meets ANSI standards.

Keep clothing, hair, hands , tools , test equipment, etc. Away from all moving or hot engine parts.

Operate the vehicle in a well-ventilated work area. Exhaust gases are poisonous.

Put blocks in front of the drive wheels and never leave the vehicle unattended while running tests.

Use extreme caution when working around the ignition coil, distributor cap, ignition wires and spark plugs. These components create hazardous voltages when

the engine is running.

Put the transmission in P (for A/T) or N(M/T) and make sure the parking brake is engaged.

Keep a fifire extinguisher suitable for gasoline /chemical / electrical fifires nearby.

Don’t connect or disconnect any test equipments while the ignition is ON or the engine is running.

Keep the scan tool dry, clean free from oil/ water or grease. Use a mild detergent on a clean cloth to clean the outside of the scan tool when necessary.Our company is not responsible for any damage caused by unintentional or deliberate misuse of our products or tools

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🚘The P100 Pro is the newest generation intelligent Electrical System Circuit Tester with 2.4 inch large size LCD screen display. It is dedicated to test all 9V-30V vehicle electrical systems. P100 Pro is Convenient, Fast and Intelligent ! 1.Intelligent identification of voltage/resistance 2.Oscilloscope function 3.Activation of vehicle components 4.(0-5V) adjustable power supply 5.Hertz 6.Network online upgrade 7.Built in multiple languages 8.Multimeter mode (measure voltage, resistance, diode)
🚘1、Display: 2.4 inches (320*240 DPI) TFT true color display 2、Working temperature: 0-60°C (32-140 F°) 3、Storage temperature: -40-70°C (-40-185 F°) 4、External power supply: 12V or 24V powered by battery 5、Minimum working voltage: 9V 6、Maximum working voltage: 30V 7、Maximum measuring voltage: 100V 8、Minimum measuring voltage: 0.1V 9、Resistance measurement range:1 ohm~200K ohm 10、Current measuring range: 0~18A 11、Maximum continuous current: 18A
🚘Packing list:80 cm test line 5m extension cable solid copper test probe tip 85CM probe extension cable $10 protective case storage bag alligator battery clip probe adapter user manual
🚘Package size: 176 * 246 * 76mm Weight: 1.5kg Product color : black white red orange yellow green blue
🚘About service: extensive application, professional diagnosis, support multi language. If you have any questions about Auto series and communication protocol, please email us and we will reply to you within 24 hours

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