7/8″ Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Grips Dirt Bike Grips 21.5mm 24.5mm for SX EXC KX CRF KLX WR YZ XR by D1M

Price: $10.99
(as of Oct 03,2021 07:16:50 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Please check the description and size of the product before placing an order. There may be chromatic aberration due to different lighting during the shooting.

Variety of colors:

There are 5 colors for you to choose, which can enhance the appearance of the motorcycle and make the motorcycle fashionable and colorful.

Quality Control:

The company has a complete assembly line for production and installation, which has been inspected before leaving the factory.

Compatible Models:

125 SX 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R SUPER ADVENTURE S 150 SX XC-W TPI 250 SX SX-F XC TPI XC-F XC-W TPI 300 EGS C SX XC TPI XC-W TPI XCW 350 EXC-F SX-F XC-F 360 380 EGS C 400 DUKE EGS EXC LC4400 LSE 400 SC SXC TXC 440 SX 450 SX-F XC-F 50 ADVENTURE MINI SENIOR JR ADVENTURE MINI ADVENTURE SX MINI 500 EXC-F XCF-W 525 C RACING XC-G XCW 530 XCW 60 SX 620 COMP LIMITED DUKE EGS EGS-E LC4 SX SC SUPEOTO SXC TXC 640 SUPEOTO65 SX 690 ENDURO R SMC-R 690 SUPEOTO 85 SX (17/14)(19/16) 990 ADVENTURE EGS 380EXC 125 200 250 250 F 250 RACING EXC 300 350 F 360 380 400 LC4 RACING 440 450 F Six Days 500 F SIX DAYS 500 SIX DAYS EXC 520 RACING 525 RACING 530 RACING 620 LC4 EXC-G 400 450 525 RACING FE 250 350 FE 501 FREERIDE 250 RMXC 200 250 300360 380 400 RACING 440 450 520 RACING 525 550 RC 390 RXC 400 RXC 620 RXCE 400 SMC 625 SMR 450 525 560/SX 105 125 144 150 200 250 250 F FACTORY EDITION 350 F 360 380 400 RACING 450 F FACTORY EDITION SX RACING 50 JUNIOR ADVENTURE MINI ADVENTURE PRO JUNIOR LC PRO SENIOR LC SENIOR ADVENTURE 505 F 520 RACING 525 RACING 620 65 85 (17/14) SX-E 5SXC 400 625 50 PRO JUNIOR SXR 50 PRO SENIOR // TE 250 300 XC 105 150 W 00 W 250 (E) CHAMPIONS EDITION F W SIX DAYS 250 W(E) 300(E) W SIX DAYS TPI ERZBERGRODEO TPI SIX DAYS 350 F W SIX DAYS 400 W 450 F 450 W (R) XC CHAMPIONS EDITION SIX DAYS 500 W 505 F 525 530 W (R) SIX DAYS 65 85BIG WHEEL KD80 KD80-M2 KD80M3 KD80M4 KD80M5 KD80M7 KD80M8 KD80N1 KD80N2KDX 200 220 220R 250 50 175 175 – A2 175A3 200A1 200A2 200A3 200C1 200C2 200C3 200E1 200E2 200E3 220R 250 250-B1 250B2 250B3 250B4 250D1 400 420 – B1 450A1 80 – A2 80B 80B2 80C1 80C2 80C3 80C4 80C5 KE 100 – A10 100B1 100B10 100B2 100B3 100B5 100B6 100B7 100B8 100B9 125 125 – A8 125A9 175 175 – D3 175D4 KLR KL250D4 KL250D5 KL250D6 KL250D7 KL250D8 KL600A1 KL600B1 KL600B2 KL650A1 KL650A2 KL650A3 KL650A4 KL650B2 TENGAI 250 650 650 CAMO 650 NEW EDITION // KLX 110 MONSTER ENERGY 110L 110R 125 125L 140 MONSTER ENERGY 140G 140L MONSTER ENERGY 230 ABS 230R 250 CAMO 250S 250SF 400SR 450R 650 KM100 – A7KX 100 MONSTER ENERGY 125 250 250F MONSTER ENERGY 450 MONSTER ENERGY 500 60 65 MONSTER ENERGY 80 85 MONSTER ENERGY 125-A1 125B1 125B2 125C1 125D1 125E1 125E2 125F1 125G1 125H2 125HI 250-A7 250B1 250C1 250C2 250D1 250D2 250E1 250F1 250G1 250H2 250HI 420 420-A2 500A1 500A2 500B1 500B2 500C1 500D1 500E1 500E2 500E3 60A1 60A2 60B1 60B2 60B3 60B4 60B6 60B7 80-C1 80C2 80E1 80E2 80E3 80G1 80G2 80J2 LARGE WHEEL 80L1 80L2 80L3 80N1 LARGE WHEEL 80N2 BIG WHEEL 80N3 BIG WHEEL 80R1 80T1 BIG WHEEL SUPER SHERPADR 125SE 200S 200SE DR 250SE 350 350S 350SE DR-Z 110 125 125L 250 400 400E 400S 400SM 50 70 100F 100G 100H 125G 125H 200G 200H 250F 350SL 350SM 650SL 650SM DS 80 JR 50 80 50F 50G 50H PE175RM 100 125 250 RICKY CAICHAEL LIMITED EDITION 60 65 80 85 85L -Z 250 450 CAICHAEL REPLICA 100 100X 125 125D 125E 125F 125G 125H 125J 125K 125L 125M 125X 125Z 250 250D 250E 250F 250G 250H 250J 250K 250L 250M 250X 250Z 400 465X 465Z 50 500D 500E 60 60D 60X 60Z 80 80D 80E 80F 80G 80H 80J 80K 80L 80M 80X 80Z X 250 X 450Z X250K X250L X250M Z 450 SP100D 125D 125G 125H 125J 125Z 200G 200H 200J 250D 250F 250Z 400 500D 500X 500Z 600F TS100 100X 125 125X 185 185X 250 250XBW200ES BIG WHEEL 200ET BIG WHEEL 200EU BIG WHEEL 200N 200S BIG WHEEL 350T BIG WHEEL 350U BIG WHEEL 80A BIG WHEEL 80S BIG WHEEL 80T BIG WHEEL 80U BIG WHEELDT100 DT100H DT100J DT100K DT125 DT125H DT175 DT175H DT50A DT50U DT50W DT80H DT80J DT80K GT80IT125 IT125H IT175 IT175H IT175J IT175K IT200L IT200N IT200S IT250 IT250H IT250J IT250K IT400 IT425 IT465H IT465J IT490K IT490L100 100H 125 175 175H 250 360 400 80 80H 80JPW 50 Y-ZINGER 80 Y-ZINGER 50A Y-ZINGER 50B Y-ZINGER 50H Y-ZINGER 50J Y-ZINGER 50K 50N 50S INGER 50T INGER80B Y-ZINGER 80K 80N // RT 100 180 100A 180A 180BTT-R 110E 125 125 125L 125LE 225 230 250 50E 90 90E // TT225S 225T 250 250H 250J 350S 350T 500 500H 600K 600L 600N 600S // TTR 230 TTR 50E TW 200 TW200A TW200B TRAILWAY TW200T/C TRAILWAY TW200U TRAILWAY TW200W TRAILWAY TY350N TY350S // WR 200 250 250F 250X 400F 426F 450F 500XT 225 250 350 600E 125J 125K 200J 200K 250H 250J 250K 250L 350A 350B 350N 350S 350T/C 350U 350W 500 500H 550J 550K 600A 600EB 600L 600N 600S 600T/C 600U 600W 100HYZ 125 125H 125X 250 250 X 250F 50TH ANNIVERSARY 250FX 250H 400 426 426F 450F 50TH ANNIVERSARY 450FX 465H 60H 65 80 80H 85 100 100J 100K 125A 125B1 125J 125K 125L 125N 125S 125T 125U 125W 250A 250B1 250J 250K 250L 250N 250S 250T 250U 250W 250WRW 465 490A 490J 490K 490L 490N 490S 490T 490U 490W 50 60J 60K 80A 80B1 80J 80K 80L 80N 80S 80T 80U 80WCR 125R 250R 500R 85R EXPERT 450R 480R 500RH 500RK 500 60R 80R 80RB EXPERT 80RH 80RK 80CRF 100F 110F 125F 150F 150R EXPERT 150RB 230F 230L 230M 250F 250L RALLY ABS 250R 250RX 250X 450L 450R 450RWE 450RX 450X 50F 70F 80F 125FB BIG WHEEL CT110/TRAIL 110 CT70 CT70M EZ90 CUB EZ90M NX125 NX125K NX250 NX250K NX650 NX650K TLR200 REFLEX TLR200H REFLEX TR200 FAT CAT TR200H FAT CATXL200R 250RH 350R 500R 600R 600RH 600V TRANSALP 600VK TRANS ALP XL80SXR 100R XR 200R 250L 250R 400R 50R 600R 650L 650R 70R 80R 200 250M/LM 350R 500R Z50R MINI Z50RD/Z50 LTD ED Z50RH Z50RK Z50

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7/8″ Left Grip & 1″ Right Grip

7/8″ Left Grip & 1″ Right Grip

Left 22mm (0.87″) Right 24mm (0.95″)

Left 20.5mm (0.81″) Right 24.5mm (0.97″)

Left 21.5mm (0.85″) Right 24.5mm (0.97″)

Left 22mm (0.87″) Right 24mm (0.95″)

Easy to Install

【Fitment】 Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Grips Fit for all 7/8″ Left & 1″ Right Grips.Left inner diameter: 21.5mm Right Internal Diameter: 24.5mm.
【Material】 Non-slip Rubber. The Rubber Hand Grip Bar is durable,corrosion resistant.
【Package Included】 A Set of 2 Handlebar Grips :(7/8″ Left Grip & 1″ Right Grip)
【Compatible Models】Fit most Dirt Bikes, such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, ATV etc.
【Easy to Install】The handlebar cover is very easy to install. Just remove your existing handle and install a new replacement.

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