3T6B Passive Keyless Entry System for Toyota Only, PKE Engine Starter Push Button Vehicles Start/Stop Kit Safe Lock with 2 Smart Key (x5 31433)

Price: $58.88
(as of Jun 02,2021 15:51:08 UTC – Details)

1. One-key start / stop
2. Remote start / stop
3. Intelligent handbrake detection
4. Smart oil pump start detection
5. Rear box opened remotely(requires the original car’s own tail box motor)
6. Remote control car search (horn sounds, direction light flashes to prompt)
7. Roadside parking flashing light warning function
8. Remote unlocking / locking
9. PKE keyless comfort entry function, automatically unlock the car 1.5-3 meters away from the car, automatically lock the door 3-5 meters away from the car
10. PKE induction temporary shutdown function
11. RFID identification
12. Anti-theft alarm function (Illegal driving door, stepping on the foot brake triggers alarm prompt)
13. Motor engine lock function (the vehicle cannot be started in the car after the door is locked)
14. Automatically lock the door by stepping on the foot brake after starting, and automatically unlock when the flame is turned off
15. Start the automatic lock release, and automatically open the lock when the flame is turned off
16. Alarm notification for the original car horn (requires that the original car has a control line, and an alarm horn can be added)
17. Power-off memory
18. Emergency reset function
19. The remote control is turned on for 10 minutes and the flame is turned off regularly

Ambient temperature: -40c— + 80c; atmospheric pressure 86-106KPa
Relative humidity: 10% -95%
Working voltage: DC12V +/- 3V
High frequency: 433.92MHZ, low frequency: 125KHZ
Features: One-button start system, remote control preheating and cooling, PKE anti-theft device, comfortable entry
Applicable to models: 12V car

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Packing List:
1 * Keyless Entry Starter
2 * Remote Controller Handle
1 * Start Button
2 * Induction Antenna
1 * Start Harness
1 * Test Harness
1 * Restore Button
1 * Instruction

【Keyless Go System】 — This remote start Automatically look the door when the remote is taken out of 3-5 meters, unlock automatically within 1.5-3 meters with key fob in hand or pocket. Latest RFID technology and touch password entry backup to improve your vehicle safety level greatly.
【PKE Engine Start Button】 — Smart key PKE Car Alarm system with PKE, remote start & keyless go system and upgrade your vehicle with keyless go system & auto lock unlock the door.
【Remote Control Your Car】— Remote Engine Start can pre-warm or pre-cool your vehicle in cold winter or hot summer. Intelligent hand brake detection and oil pump start detection. Remotely open the rear tail box and remote car search with remote key.
【Toyota Dedicated】— This Keyless is suitable for Toyota 12V manual cars or auto trans vehicle, please confirm your car if is 12V before purchase. This product requires a certain technical basis for the installation, it is best to find relevant professionals to install.
【Multifunction】— with the basic keyless entry function. such as remote control lock/unlock door, trunk release.

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