2-Pin LED Turn Light Flasher Relay 12V Universal Motorcycle Electronic Flasher Relay Emergency Led Light Indicator Light Flasher Relay

Price: $10.19
(as of Dec 08,2020 16:04:19 UTC – Details)

【Quickly to Solve Light Flashing Problems】– This flasher relay controller will solve LED Light related turn signal blinker problems such as hyper fast flashing, not flashing, or light bulb burnt out warning message on dashboard indicator or just replace bad relay
【Without The Use of Load Resistor】– 12V 2-pin electronic LED flasher relay can eliminate the usage of load resistor, direct OEM replace any two-wire 2-pin flasher relay and operate with LED’s or conventional bulbs at normal OEM flash rate
【2-Pin 12V LED Flasher Relay】– 2-pin Electronic LED 12V Flasher Relay for most Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha motorcycles; Fix for Turn Signal, Hyper Flashing, Blinker LED Light
【Easy Plug & Play Installation】– 12v 2-Pin LED turn light flasher relay. Eliminate the need for tapping wires to install the load resistors and allow LED bulbs to blink at the normal rate; NOTE: failure to check this and installation in an incompatible vehicle can blow your fuse
【Waterproof Design & Good Heat Resistance】Waterproof design in solid-state efficient unit with no excess heat issue, safety guaranteed during the normal working process; this 2-pin Electronic LED Flasher Relay can directly replace most OEM two-wire/pin flasher

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