12V 5A Trickle Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer for Car, Automobile, Motorcycle, Lawnmower, Marine, Boat, ATV, RV, UTV, Ride-on Toy, SLA GEL VRLA Wet AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger

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Product Description

12V 5A Battery Charger Maintainer

LotFancy battery maintainer is suitable for 12 volt AGM / GEL / VRLA / SLA/ WET Lead Acid Batteries, charging your car, motorcycle, ATV, RV, boat, scooter, golf cart, lawn mower and ride-on toy batteries.

It is smart, lightweight, compact, fully automatic and very easy to use especially in small spaces. This battery maintainer will keep the battery fully charged and it is ready to go anytime.

The smart battery charger equipped with alligator clips and ring terminals and it is easy to hook up.

Ring connector cord is equiped with 10A Fuse to enhance security.

Power battery charger is built to last, with a fully sealed outer case, water-resistant, dust-resistant, oil-resistant, and anti-moisture, to prevent corrosion or other damaging effects of weather exposure.

Automatic Smart Battery Charger

4-step Charging Program & LED Indication

Stage 1: Desulfating the battery through 18V pulse. (LED 1 ON, 2-4 OFF)

Stage 2: Bulk charging highest rate current till 80% capacity. (LED 1-4 Blinking Sequentially)

Stage 3: Absorption, till full capacity. (LED 1-3 ON, 4 Blinking)

Stage 4: Float, Battery is fully charged. Maintain the battery through pulse charging. (LED 1-4 ON)

Trickle Charger automatically switches to float mode while fully charging by microprocessor controlled program, with overcharging protection.

Iconic LEDs blink means the wrong polarity; ON means bad battery.


If battery stays at stage 2 after 24 hours of charging, then battery is defective!

Before charging, confirm the voltage of your battery is 12 volt.

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Fast Charging

DC Output 13.8V/5.0A;

AC Input 100-240V, 60/50Hz

12V 5A battery charger is suitable for charging batteries with 15-120Ah capacity.

To better charger the battery, your battery capacity must not be lower than 15Ah.

It can also charge over 100Ah batteries, just need more charging time.

Easy To Operate

Charging and maintaining your batteries automatically for long time

1. Plug the charger to AC socket, LED will light on;

2. Connect RED clip to positive battery terminal, BLACK clip to negative;

3. The 25%-100% LEDs light will turn on in sequence;

4. Battery is fully charged when all LEDs are ON;

5. Disconnect or keep it connected in float mode.


If all LED lights flash simultaneously, the battery is polarity reversed or output shorted. Please disconnect and check.


Maximum length from socket to battery: 235cm/ 92.5in

Charger Length: 15cm / 6in; Width: 7cm / 2.8in; Height: 5.5cm / 2.2in

Input Cable of Charger (Black): 100cm/ 39.9in

Output Cable of Charger (Black & Red):60cm / 23.6in

Clamp Connector Cable Length: 60cm / 23.6in

Ring Connector Cable Length: 60cm / 23.6in

Package Includes

1 x Portable Battery Charger

1 x DC Output Cable with Clip Connectors

1 x DC Output Cable with Ring Connectors and 10A Fuse

1 x Instruction Manual

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This 12V 5A deep cycle battery charger is perfect for charging 12V SLA / VRLA / GEL / WET / AGM Sealed Lead Acid battery for Car, Motorcycle, ATV, RV, UTV, Powersport, Boat, Ride-on Toy, Golf Cart, Lawn Mower and more devices
FULLY AUTOMATIC BATTERY MAINTAINER: Auto battery charger operating with 4-stage charging process (Initialization, Bulk Charge, Absorption, Float Mode) by microprocessor controlled program, to optimize battery power, without overcharging. Smart Trickle Charger automatically switches to float mode when the battery is fully charged. No need of any manual operation
SAFE & MULTI-PROTECTION: Short circuit / OVP / OCP / Overload / Overcharging / Polarity reversed protection, Made of high quality ABS, IP65 Waterproof and Dustproof, Lightweight(15.87oz), CE RoHS Approved; 10A Fuse to enhance security
LED INDICATORS and 2 CONNECTORS: Car battery charger comes with two kinds of battery connectors, including battery clamps and battery rings for a more secure connection to battery terminals; 4 LEDs to indicate quantity of electricity and monitor the whole charging progress; Iconic LEDs to indicate the wrong polarity or bad battery
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: One-year Warranty and 100% satisfaction service; Instruction Manual included

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