12V 300CCA Lithium LiFePo4 Sealed Starter Battery for Motorcycles, Powersports, ATVs, Snowmobile, Scooters, Mowers and Tractors: Polaris, Ski Doo BRP, Yamaha, Arctic Cat

Price: $99.99
(as of Feb 22,2021 19:18:06 UTC – Details)

Battery Type: LiFePo4 battery
Capacity: 9.0Ah
Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
Charging Voltage: 14.6V
Maximum Charge Current: 10A
Cold Cranking amps(CCA): 300A
Battery Dimension: 144 x 75x 105mm
Operating Temperature: -20℃∽75℃
Replacement Battery Models:
Yuasa YTX14,YTX14L,YTX14AH,GYZ16H,GYZ16HL,YTX14-BS,YTZ12S,YTZ14S,YTX14AH-BS,YTX14AHL-BS,YTX16-BS,YTX16-BS-1 Harley Davidson 65948-00B, Honda 31500-HC4-726AH BMW 61218394179, 61218520153;
Yuasa YTX20,YTX20L,YTX20-BS,YTX20L-BS,YTZ10S,YTZ14S,YTZ12S Power-Sonic-PTZ10S, Power-Sonic-PTZ14S,Power-Sonic-PTZ12S Yacht-CTZ12S,Yacht-CTZ14S,Yacht-CTZ10S GS-JSB-GTZ10S,GS-JSB-GTZ14S, GS-JSB-GTZ12S Koyo-KTZ10S,Koyo-KTZ12S,Koyo-KTZ14S Sears-44217,Sears-44210,Sears-44215 Motocross-M7210A, Motocross-M72Z14, Motocross-M7212A, cht-CTZ14S

Less volume and weight: 1/3 of normal lead-acid battery;
Long cycle life: More than 2000 cycles(lead-acid battery 150-300 cycles);
Built-in LED test gauge;
12 months Warranty, UL, CE, FCC approved;

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